December 19, 2009

Teen Girl Daybook

Date... Saturday, December 19, 2009
Starting time... 11:19 AM
Mood... cheerful
Outside my window... SNOW!!!  It looks like me bloggy
I'm thinking... about visiting the nursing home today
I'm reading... The Temperment God Gave You, awesome book, btw!
I'm listening to... a lovely Christmas CD
I'm wearing... a red shirt and blue skirt
Yesterday, I... went to the Miles Christi Night of Recollection
I'm excited for... Christmas!
I'm sad because... I'm not sad.  Er, no.. that doesn't sound right.  I'm not sad at all, but I'm not sad because I'm not sad.
I'm hungry for... nothing, I haven't been hungry for a week (literally)
The song stuck inside my head is... All I Want for Christmas is You
I want... to have a tea party
I love... Ringwraiths and virtually adopted sisters
I loathe... sore muscles
This week, my goal is... get back into the habit of reading my Bible everyday
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes, only 1 1/2 more to do!
Ending time... 11:37 AM


  1. "The Temperament God Gave You" is such an awesome book! :D I've read it several times.


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