December 5, 2009

Teen Girl Daybook

Date... Saturday, December 5th, 2009
Starting time... 12:22 PM
Mood... bleh
Outside my window... Beautiful Sunshine!
I'm thinking... That my mom wants me to find a song for her on my MP3 players so she can listen to it. And I found it and she's on the phone. =)
I'm reading... Do Hard Things by the Harris twins
I'm listening to... "You're Not Sorry" by Taylor Swift and my siblings playing somewhere
I'm wearing... Denim skirt I made from a pair of blue jeans and my favorite purple,gray,white, and black striped sweater with a purple shirt underneath
Yesterday, I... Went and helped out at my sister's friend's surprise tea party. Little girls are so cute!
I'm excited for... going Christmas shopping soon and going to my friend's ballet performance today!
I'm sad because... Well, I'm not really sad...
I'm hungry for... another chocolate chip square, yum
The song stuck inside my head is... I actually don't have one there atm, that shall probably change though.
I want... something, don't know what.
I love... daydreams
I loathe... when people change things I've been planning to do
This week, my goal is... make Christmas presents
Did I meet last week's goal?... What was my goal? Oh yeah... packing. Yup, accomplished that.
Ending time... 12:31 PM

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