December 29, 2009

My Christmas

So this post shall jump around a lot because Blogger is absolutely evil when it comes to photographs... to put it mildly.  Anyhow...

These are both from the day after Christmas!  (New blouse!!!!)  My sisters and I went insane... we were walking around outside, it was snowing beautifully, I happened to look over at our pine tree and gasped "IT'S NARNIA!"  We then also recalled that we have a lampost.  So what did we do?  We ran back inside and changed into semi-period outfits (or as close as we could get) and ran back outside without coats to take photos!  My hands were soooooo cold...

Yay! Our light-up houses.  We have little people for them now, which you can semi-see standing on the train station.

My Christmas outfit, or the back of it, anyhow.  The front view wouldn't upload, but I suppose that's fine.  Now you can all just admire my lovely hair-do.

*sings* Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree!

My presents. =)  Well, minus the clothes (which you'll probably see at some point) and *gasp* I didn't take a picture of my piano music!  How could I?  Deary me...
I got the piano music for Josh Groban's CDs - "Awake" and "Closer"!!!! I was soooo happy.  They are the best!  Maybe when I get good enough I'll record one or two and post them on here for you to listen to.

And that's it for now!  I may have more photos for you later, or I may not.  You'll have to wait and see!


  1. Awesome Presents!
    I love Josh Groban!
    I got the Pride and Prejudice dario marianelli sheetmusic for piano! its from the 2005 version
    Absoloutely divine!
    Love your hair!
    In Christ

  2. I tagged you for something on my blog! :)

  3. I love the "Narnia" pictures! Every time it's snowing like that, I always say "IT'S NARNIA!!!"

    I also really like your Christmas outfit and your hair!

    Ahhh! You got "Amazing Grace"??? I'm so jealous, I LOVE that movie! And I love Ioan Gruffudd...I think he's quite good-looking. :D

    And I love that bag!

  4. *shrieks* Narnia!!!! You look beautiful, Rosie Posie. :) Merry Christmas!!


  5. Glad to hear I am not the only crazy girl who does coatless snow pictures...=) You should check out my Christmas album on Facebook; I did "snow angel" pictures - but balanced the camera and did self photos because I didn't trust any of my family members to take them for me (they would have stopped me and told me I was crazy, they still told me that after I finished and showed them and I just replied "I know!)!!!! ;o) David predicted I would get sick esp. because I was coming off a cold, but I am still healthy. =)


    P.S. Your photos are pretty! I especially like the first snow one. =)


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