June 14, 2010

Graduation Meme

Over on the Fairy Tale Novels Forum we're having a sort of celebration for all the graduates, and I along with another member came up with this meme for us to do.  I thought I'd post mine on here and invite any other graduates to do it as well!  Let me know if you're going to do it so I can read yours!

Is there a book that you read/movie you saw during your most recent period of schooling (i.e. 8th grade, HS, college) that has had an impact on your life?
I'd have to say that the book(s) that had the biggest impact on my life were the Fairy Tale Novels. If I hadn't read them, I wouldn't have joined the forum. If I hadn't joined the forum, I wouldn't know all the wonderful people I know now, my view of the world would have been much narrower... and I wouldn't be a part of "Ink and Fairydust". And if it hadn't been for Ink and Fairydust, chances are I still would be trying to figure out what to major in for college. Thank you Regina!

The movie that had a big impact on my life was "Gods and Generals". It awakened me to a fascinating time in American History and to great men and heroes. I learned that there are two sides to every issue, and a lot of times generic history books don't give the correct view of things.

Has your personal taste in music/books/movies changed or evolved in any way during this time?
Books and movies, not so much. Music, yes. Around freshman year the CD's I listened to were Disney classics and these two CD's of classical movies. In the past four years my music horizons have opened WIDE up, and I now LOVE Country, some rock, movie soundtracks, Josh Groban... really anything that has good emotion. I still don't go in for the thumping screaming rock... that's just a little too... out there, for me.

Is there any moment in your schooling that you can honestly say had a big impact on your life?
I can't pin down any specific moment, but I do know that over my junior and senior, I started to actually enjoy school and really love to learn things. School became more fun instead of just something I had to do.

What is/was your favorite subject in school and how has it affected you?
History, hands down. The world has such an amazing history - our country, has such an amazing history, especially when you learn it through a Catholic lens. I think a strong knowledge of history is vital, if you know your history you can better avoid making the same huge mistakes that other people made a decade before you.

Favorite Quote/Motto?
I actually just got this at my High School graduation. The mom who organized the graduation said that when she approached our new auxiliary bishop about saying the Mass for us, his response was:
"My life is not my own. I am at your service."

Who's your favorite author and why?
J.R.R. Tolkien and Regina Doman. Regina Doman for the reasons I said above, and Tolkien because he is just soooo amazing. He's such a profound writer and I just love how his Catholicism is deeply ingrained in his writings.

What historical figure, saint, writer, etc. has influenced you the most in highschool and why?
St. Jude. NO not Judas, St. Jude Thaddeus! For the first two years of performing in "The Seven Last Words of Christ", I portrayed St. Jude and I've become great friends with him. He's really just an amazing guy.

How do you differ from yourself from 4 years ago? Is there any advice you would share with your younger self?
I hope I'm more mature now! I cringe at some of the memories I have of myself. If I could go back, I'd say, "Girl, you are far from being grown up at 16! You still have a LOT to learn."

Who is someone who has influenced the way you think/influenced you spiritually?
My parents, of course. Also, I have been blessed with a wonderful "fairy godmother" (aka confirmation sponsor) who has watched over me and encouraged and inspired me spiritually. I have been so fortunate to know her!

What's your favorite flower?
Believe it or not, it's not roses. Pansies are my favorite flower. They're little, and the multiple colors are just gorgeous!

What were some great moments from graduation?
I will always remember jumping around and throwing our caps in the air, and then jumping off the bleachers at the reception, trying to get a "High School Musical" pose. That and my friend Olivia smearing frosting over everyone's faces...

Have any plans for the future?
For right now, God is sending me off to college and a major in Interactive Media! After that... still have yet to discover!


  1. Hurrah for Rose!! Great answers, I enjoyed reading them. And Olivia did WHAT!?!?! Holy tamolie! Thilly girl. :)


  2. A fun meme to read! I'm honored by the mention. :) And Interactive Media...cool! I somehow I hadn't heard that part yet! =)

    Lots of <3,
    Your Fairy Godmother

  3. Oh, congratulations on your graduation!!!! How exciting! Interactive media? What does that involve? Sounds neat though. :)

    God Bless,
    Mary Rose~

  4. Rose,
    Congrats! The last 2 years of my schooling I felt the same way as you, that school was actually kind of fun and not just something I had to do. I am now really enjoying college. I hope you do too!


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