June 9, 2010

Miracles Happen

A miracle happened yesterday! 

For our graduation, all the graduates sang "Be Thou My Vision" as our Graduates Prayer.  I played the piano.  Now, I usually get pretty nervous when I perform on the piano, hands shake, legs shake and I generally mess up once or twice.  I was playing Be Thou My Vision through 6 times, so I figured I would be fine by the end - but I was worried about my introduction verse. 

Then I walked up there and sat down, everyone got ready and then one of the graduates played a verse on her tin whistle.  While she played, I was slightly nervous, but then it was my turn, and the nervousness was gone.  I played that piece 6 times through PERFECTLY.  I have NEVER EVER in my 8 years of piano experience played a piece perfectly, not even at home by myself.  And I played it perfectly six times.  Not only that, but I was able to sing along to all the verses.  At the practice, I could only sing the few lines here an there that I had memorized, because I was concentrating on playing and couldn't read the words.  But then, it was almost as if someone else was playing the piano for me (I think there was...) and I was able to read the notes and the words and sing the whole song, something I had really wanted to do, but I didn't think I'd be able to since I didn't have the song memorized.

At one point, about half way through, I realized how well I was doing, and I almost got scared, but I knew that if I thought about what I was doing, I would mess up, and so I kept on going.  Kind of like Peter walking on water... but I didn't drown.

So Praise God and a huge thank you to everyone who prayed for me!  It really worked!


  1. That's wonderful!
    Congrats again on your graduation!
    God Bless :)

  2. That's so cool! :D And yes, Congratulations!!!

  3. Deo gratias, and once again, many congrats!

  4. *singing* She's the concerning hero! Da-da-da-da-da-daaaaa!!!!!! :D Great job Rose! That's awesome.


    P.S. Expect a small orange envelope from us in the mail. ;)

  5. Rose, that's amazing! :o I'm so glad it went so well!!

  6. Dear Amanda,

    With all the joyful hubbub of the reception, I didn't remember to comment how very nice I thought "The Graduates' Prayer" sounded. You did a great job coordinating it, and I did notice how well your piano playing went! nd The whole group sounded really lovely. Congrats! :)

  7. Yes, your piano playing sounded very nice!! I am so happy that you were granted this small miracle. God is so good! ;)



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