June 17, 2010

On Mountains

"I want to see mountains again, mountains!  And then maybe I'll settle down and finish my book."
There is something about mountains that resonates with the human soul.  Through out history authors and poets have given voice to the awe and wonder of these majestic creations of God.

I have a fascination with hills and mountains.  Being raised on the flat prairies has something to do with it, I'm sure.  I remember the first time I ever drove out east and was in awe of the foothills in Kentucky.  When I actually saw the mountains, I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.  The trees, the exposed rocky faces, the height, the pure beauty - it will come as no surprise that my dream home is on a mountain plateau with the world and maybe a lake spread out before my eyes.  Someday I'm going to find and visit a church I saw from the highway near Chatanooga that sits on top a mountain.

What is it about mountains that captures us so?  Maybe it's our longing for flight that rejoices in being up among the clouds, even though our feet are on the ground.  Maybe it's the feeling that we've been able to rise above the troubles and irritations of every day life.

I personally believe that we are drawn to mountains by a need that is ingrained in every human heart, whether that heart acknowledges it or not - the need to be close to God.  By their very nature, mountains draw our eyes upwards and also our hearts.  Upwards to Him.

It is no coincidence that many important moments of faith took place on a mountain.  When God gave the promise of a rainbow to Noah - it was on a mountain.  When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses - it was on a mountain.  When God defeated the prophets of the false god Baal through His servant Elijah - it was on a mountain.  When Christ taught the crowds - very frequently it was on a mountain.  When Christ was Transfigured - it was on a mountain.  When He agonized in the garden - it was on a mountain.  When He breathed forth His Life in the Supreme Sacrifice of Love - it was on the heights of Mount Calvary.  When Christ ascended into Heaven, promising to come again - it was on a mountain.

Quite naturally, when the Psalmist penned a certain verse, a verse that millions have drawn comfort and inspiration from, he wrote
"I will lift mine eyes unto the hill from whence cometh my help."


  1. You are going to LOVE Virginia! I really enjoyed being among the mountains, though after 3 months I got very homesick for my open fields of the midwest.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. It was very well written.


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