June 30, 2010

Alex O' Donnell and the 40 Cyberthieves

When you get a series of books featuring awesome heroes, it's inevitable that a main theme of discussion among the fan girls is "Which hero would you want to marry?/Who do you think you would go the best with?"  It can be a bit hard to choose, Bear, Fish and Paul are all such great guys!  Most girls though seem to have a pretty decided preference one way or another though.

But for me, that popular question has been difficult.  How could I decide between Bear and Fish?  Maybe a combination of the two?  Or Paul would be a nice guy... but I don't know... none of them seem to work!

With the release of Alex O'Donnell, however, I've finally found my guy.  The type of guy that I hope my future husband is like.
Alex is just one of the reasons why I fell in love with Regina Doman's latest release - based on the tale of "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves".  The other reasons... well, I suggest you read the book itself... but until you can get your copy, here's a little bit about it.

Alex O'Donnell is a fun, up-beat, slightly off the wall kinda guy who spent most of his college years goofing off.  He's head over heels for Kateri and wants to propose, but isn't quite sure of her opinion, and he doesn't want to take that step if she's going to say no.  So in the meantime, he'll keep sending her fun presents and being a 'good boyfriend'.

Kateri Kovach is nearly his exact opposite.  A serious, practical, look-before you leap kind of girl and not so sure that she should be dating Alex.  He's not the type of guy she had imagined in a spouse... and she just doesn't think either of them are ready for anything more serious than dating.

Alex writes to Kateri in New Jersey, asking her to come and visit him and his family in Northern Virginia.  He misses her, and he wants her nearby so he can work on winning her heart completely.  At her mom's encouragement, Kateri reluctantly makes the trip down - and then it happens.

Kateri arrives to find the O'Donnell family has just received over a million dollars from a mysterious agency. No one knows how they got it, but the funny thing is, Mr. O'Donnell won't let any of the family investigate into the source of their mysterious good fortune.  Uneasy, Kateri wonders just what Mr. O'Donnell seems to be hiding.  She grows close to Alex's mother though, and when the family takes what seems to her a tremendously foolish risk in buying a hotel she finds herself somehow in the position of Assistant Manager.

What follows next is an exciting twist of events and sword fights and not just one, but forty villains and a wonderfully romantic climax.

With some authors, after about the third or fifth book their plot lines and stories all start to sound a lot alike.  Regina however creates something new every time, and Alex O'Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves is no disappointment.  I loved how we actually get to see a FTN couple while they are dating, we've never gotten to see that before, and I enjoyed watching Kateri and Alex work out their relationship with each other.  They nearly fall apart once or twice... but to quot Elenatintil "oh the ending!  *sighs*".

I encourage you all, dear readers, to order this book or borrow it from a friend as soon as you have the opportunity to.  And while you do so, I shall finish re-reading my already beloved copy -

while I wait for that someday when my Alex will come.


  1. Great review, Rose! As much as I like Alex, I'm still waiting for my Bear. ;)


  2. Hey Roseie Posie,

    Here is something for you: http://shieldmaidenofgod.blogspot.com/2010/06/prolific-blog-award.html

  3. OMG! That was a WONDERFUL post! Couldn't have done better myself. ;) But seriosuly, I can't see you married to a guy with an earing and long hair...and tatoos. :P But it could happen. I can't wait to watch this..... :P :P I also don't belive you're going to get along with his brothers at all btw. Becuase they were a bit like Anakin and Andrew and if you ever dare to "unceremoniously squish thier french fry into the rug"...........
    Someday my Fish will come.....
    btw, did you know that Fish and I both put exactly 2 tsps of sugar in our tea? :O Amazing, is it not? :P

  4. Josie D'AubigneJuly 1, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    Oh dear, I am so jealous you have a copy already! I didn't read the whole review, though, because I just love being completely and utterly surprised by every twist and turn of a new book. Can't wait to read it myself! And hope to see you SOON!
    Love, Josie

  5. @ Hannah - but of course! Yet another way to make sure my shell-shocked relatives never forget my wedding. *grins evily*

  6. cruel, Rose, cruel. :P I have no doubt they will never forget.
    I am ivited right? With red sneakers and pirate entrance music? :P
    Hmm. We shall have to discuss this at camp...


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