December 15, 2010

End of Term

Just updating a bit on the end of term, some of my adventures that I had... 

We had a Twilight Marathon one weekend... and before you go gasping and denouncing me... I will say that I think that the movies are way over rated, particularly the first one.  I still had fun!  Edward made me laugh, I was with a bunch of friends and to top it off my roommate had a Disney Princess coloring book!  ^_^  You can't beat Princesses.

Our Christmas party was lots of fun.  We built two gingerbread houses, had a white elephant gift exchange and then played a couple of games.  Following the party my RA for whatever reason decided that she was going to run from room to room taking things from people and hiding them either in other people's room or dumping them in the hallway. The pranking ended with three of us taping together sheets of paper and covering up another girl's door so as you walked down the hall towards it, it looked like it wasn't there.  It worked too. She was so confused... ^_^

A night or so before I left it started snowing again, my roommate and I were in our room and the girl who lives across the hall had been wandering in and out.  It was about 10:30 I think when she looked out and said that it was still snowing and my roommate and I joined her at the window.  There was a lot of new snow, so we decided then and there that we were going to go out and make snow angels.  We ran outside and flopped down in the snow and made lovely angles, and then the other girl remembered about the perfect climbing tree that I had found.  As She loves to climb trees, we headed over there to tackle it.  I was right about it being the perfect climbing tree... but it was only the perfect climbing tree after you managed to get yourself up there.  She had a bit of trouble, being on the shorter side, plus the branches were a bit icy, but after 15 minutes of jumping my roommate and I pushed her up and then she climbed all the way to the top.  After she sat up at the top and climbed down, we collected snow balls and through them at the windows on our dorm.

Lots of winter fun... when we go back we have plans to buy a sled and go sledding down the steep driveway that leads to the athletic section of campus...  I'll let you know how that goes. ;)


  1. How fun! I'm personally not a Twilight fan, but, yes, I am a Harry Potter fan. Oooo (I can feel the comments coming on), but it does not affect my faith in God in any way, and is no way anything retched or awful:) No, but, i won't pick on you about Twilight:)

    God bless you!


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