December 4, 2010

Little Miracles

So it's pretty safe to say I've been rather frustrated for the past five and a half hours of my life. I was at work, we set up for the show and then when we were all done setting up we had nothing to do until the show was over, which meant four and a half hours of just sitting in the sound booth.  I had brought my laptop with to try and do some things, but of course - the internet connection was terrible.  Now, it has been a pain once in a while before, but it has never been as bad as it was tonight.  I think the longest I was able to stay connected for one period of time was about five minutes, and then I'd lose connection and have to wait five to ten minutes before it would pick up the signal.  So I fought with the internet for about four and a half hours.  Then the show finished, and it was a really big concert so there was a rather large stage strike... and only four of us to do it so it took at least an hour and twenty minutes, which was frustrating because I ended up not getting to chat with one of my friends.  So I got back to my dorm in time to say goodnight to my friend, and have continued to struggle with the internet for the past 30 minutes.

Now, you may well wonder why I am still struggling with the internet when I could and should just go to bed... and actually, it isn't all of the internet that is being a pain right now, just YouTube, Amazon and ITunes and any place where I would look for a certain song I really, really wanted to find.  And yes, this is where the little miracle comes in.  To understand it completely though, we have to go back about... oh five years.

I was about thirteen at the time.  One of my mom's friends had given us a few cd's to borrow, actually, I think it was just the one cd.  As I remembered tonight, it was the "Wow Worship: Yellow" CD.  We borrowed it for several weeks and listened to many times, and I remember there was one song I particularly fell in love with.  It was beautiful, and the music was so wonderfully celtic and uplifting and the melody really struck a chord with me.  (No pun intended).  In fact, I can still remember very clearly sitting in our van, I believe I was in the first or second bench, but either way I was in the middle seat, waiting for my mom to come out of the pharmacy, and we were listening to that song.  That may have even been the first time I heard it, I'm not sure. When the time came to return the CD, I begged my mom to try and find a copy and buy it so I could have that song again.  She looked in all sorts of Christian Bookstores, but could not find it anywhere.

I never forgot that song, even after I couldn't remember the name or the band or the lyrics or even the melody.  All I could remember was that it sounded celtic, it was beautiful, the cover of the CD was yellow and that I wanted to find it again. When I saw WOW CD's at the bookstores, I would look at the track listings, hoping I would recognize the title.  Now I am not entirely sure why I didn't ever go ask the family we borrowed the CD from about the song... I guess because I usually thought about the song when I was in a bookstore, and I've never been in a bookstore with them.

Then tonight, I was at work.  The concert that came through was a Christian ministry organization, and this was their Christmas Concert fundraiser sort of thing.  It was very long, and full of praise and Christmas songs and prayer and Scripture readings.  I half listened to it, mostly because I was frustrated with my internet.  Then, towards the end of the show, they started to sing this song and something sounded familiar.  For whatever reason, my mind instantly jumped to my mystery song and I began searching WOW cds on Amazon.  I looked at all the yellow ones I could find, but I still didn't connect the song the choir was singing to the song that I had been looking for.  I couldn't listen to any of them then, plus the internet still was being a pain, so I finally decided to just wait until I got back to my room.

Of course, as I said before, anything with music wasn't working so I hadn't narrowed down a CD... than I remembered seeing the song "Here I Am To Worship" listed on one of the yellow CDs.  To make a long story short, my mom heard that song last year at a friend's concert, knew she had heard it before, but couldn't remember who had sung the version she liked.  When I realized that this was on one of the yellow cds and the artist was not one we had listened to when we had been trying to find the version a year ago... I figured out that it must be that CD.  I looked at the track list, and there on the same CD as "Here I am to Worship" was the song at the concert.  I knew it had to be the same song, and bits and pieces started coming back to me.

That was when the Internet really started giving me trouble.  Nothing that played music would work.  Not Amazon, not Playlist, not ITunes, not Youtube.  I found the WOW version, but it wouldn't load so I restarted my computer.  Still, the video on YouTube would. not. work.  I told myself that I'd waited about seven years, a few more hours wouldn't make a difference, but my stubborn side declared I was not going to bed until I had heard the song.  While the video was loading, I decided that I would start saying my night prayers.  I began with my "Spiritual Communion", and I was not halfway through when the video started playing.  Only the first 43 seconds loaded, the rest still hasn't, but I heard enough to know that after seven years, I had found my song.


  1. *gasp* It took you seven years to find it???? We sing it all the time at our church --- I love that song! :) So glad you found it again!

    (And we will talk tonight!)

  2. That's really interesting; I've had similar experiences about songs. Kinda nice to know that I'm not alone! :)

  3. I really like that song, too! I think I first heard it on a video about Nick Vujicic ( Glad you can rest well now, and with this "love note" from Jesus! :)


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