June 13, 2012

Why I Love Pinterest (more than Tumblr)

It's been a few months since I was first bitten by the Pinterest bug, and while I may not be as obsessively pinning and re-pinning as I was those first few days, the attraction has not faded away.

When I first heard of Pinterest, my thought was "Oh, it's another Tumblr blogging type thing".  But, my dear readers, another Tumblr blogging type thing it is not!  I personally am of the opinion that Pinterest is way cooler than Tumblr because
1) Tumblr, at least for me, is really only fun if you have followers and I didn't have any.  Pinterest, followers don't matter as much because...
2) Tumblr is only pictures and text but Pinterest is LINKS.  Cool pictures no matter what way you scroll, but those pictures are links!  Links to the website where you can buy that gorgeous dress or those cool shoes.  Links to how to resize shirts that are too baggy.  Links to tips on how to decorate your house so it looks like that lovely set up in the picture.  Links to 25 do-it-at-home science experiments for your brother.  Links to how to replicate that beautiful hairstyle.  Links on how to make those to-die for Butterfinger Blondies....

I also personally find it a lot easier to randomly browse through stuff on Pinterest than on Tumblr.  Click a category and go through endless scrolling!  Click on a name and peer through the boards that interest you.  I always end up finding some neat recipe, DIY or other cool tidbit of information.

I'm sure Tumblr does have it's own appeal and cool things that Pinterest doesn't have, but I'll leave that for someone else to share with me because after three months of no followers and maybe 5 reblogs I've lost interest.

Haha, and this post started because I had time to kill before leaving for work so I was on Pinterest.  And now that time is sufficiently dead, so farewell!

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  1. Oh dear, I should teach you how to use tumblr properly...


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