December 6, 2012

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!  One of the many traditions of Christmas is associated with this saints feast day... leaving your shoes out the night before and finding little goodies in them the next morning!  Does your family participate in this celebration?  What did Saint Nicholas surprise you with this morning?  As old as I am ;-) this is something I still look forward to every year... this year he brought me my favorite candy bar and a ticket to go see The Hobbit on the 15th (since, sadly, we won't be able to make it on the 14th.  But on the 15th we're going to the first showing of the day!)


  1. My family participated until I went to college, and now our dorms do it! Last night we were all instructed to place our shoes outside our doors, and this morning there were little bags of candy inside :) It's definitely a tradition that I love, and look forward to doing in my own home one day!

  2. When does The Hobbit come out in the US? I could see it tonight (at the midnight showing in a few hours) if I wanted. I think Mary and I are going later this weekend (hopefully, if I can find a version originale and not dubbed in French... that would be just horrible for the first viewing). Have fun!


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