December 4, 2012

Thoughts of Random

I scroll through my blog roll and I read so many wonderfully worded and beautifully thought out posts by my favorite bloggers... posts about various topics, and posts about everything and nothing.  I get the urge to write such a post myself, and somehow it never works out.  Most of the time the words and thoughts won't come and so I give up.  Maybe I'm trying too hard to be too profound.  Maybe the trick is to not try and to just write.

I go in and out of phases of listening to music frequently, and I am currently coming out of a not listening phase and into a listening phase again... particularly with country music.  It probably has something to do with a handful of songs that have come onto the radio that have really captured my heart.  You know those kinds of songs.  They start playing, and your face lights up with a smile and you hum along until you've learned all the words and can sing along.  

I am not sure what it is about these three songs that made me fall in love with them.  Each has a different theme... one is fun and upbeat, wild and spontaneous and asking a girl to go out with him, because he has a little bit of beer money... one is heartfelt and hopeful, honestly wondering how a girl could love a hard to love guy... one is reassuring and uplifting as it reassures that every storm runs out of rain.  Perhaps it is the instrumentals, perhaps it is the lyrics, perhaps it is the deep country voices of the men singing.  Whatever it is about them, it keeps me turning on the radio in the hopes one will come on.  Yes, I have each on my ITunes, but there is something exciting about waiting anticipation for "your song" to start playing.  A lighthearted kind of joy.

Usually in December my music turns towards the Christmas vein of things, however this year the first few days of December have been above 50 degrees, and Christmas just isn't in the air.  I suppose that this is what the season must feel like in the southern states.  Illinois, however, is not a southern state, and I want my biting winds, snow flurries and chilling cold.  In January or February such things are not as welcome, but in December they are thrilling.  Scarves, sweaters and hot chocolate don't have the same appeal when it feels like it should be Easter right around the corner...

The countdown in the upper right hand corner of my web browser says there are 23 days left.  23 days until I wake up at four in the morning and drag my suitcase out to the car.  23 days until my dad drops me off at the airport and I make my way through security to my terminal.  23 days until the plane takes off from Illinois and lands on the East Coast.  23 days until I walk out of that airport and see my Knight pull up to the curb to get me.  23 days until we are together again, for a glorious nine days.  Twenty three days, 270 hours, 16,200 minutes.


  1. I find it flattering that my blog is included in your blogroll (and thus somewhat included in your compliment--intentionally or not, hehe). I think what is more important is that you post often. When faced with something that you have to write, your brain will come up with a unique take. I click on the link to your blog like every, it's especially nice when you've updated :-)It's about quantity, not quality, in the blogsphere, for in quantity, you will eventually work yourself up to quality as well as quantity. Besides, you often write thoughtful posts, so I don't know what you're talking about.

    1. You are a great blog to follow dear! Though I must point out an inaccuracy, I believe , 16,200 minutes is already an outdated figure. ;)

  2. aww, thanks guys =]

    @ Paul - haha yes... it is even more outdated of a figure now ^_^


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