March 7, 2013

Five Favorites: Another Link-Up

I've figured out that I'm a sucker for link ups.  I'm terrible at sticking with them, but I just love doing them.  I came across this one through my daily reading of the Moxie Wife when she started, and swore I wouldn't start another link up... but tonight I caved and started clicking through everyone's blogs and decided that I had to join in on the fun.  So here it goes!  My five favorites of the week.


The last term that I lived on college I had a very limited TV station to select from, and one of the few shows worth watching were Psych reruns.  It hooked me then, and I finally got around to officially watching the series last week.  I started on season one in about 4 days, and am set to finish up season two tonight.  Shawn and Gus are awesome.


YouTube isn't letting me embed the video here for some reason, but anyhow, here is the link to Miranda Lambert's newest music video. "Mama's Broken Heart" was an instant favorite the first time I heard it and I love Miranda's acting in the video.


This quote. Right here.
(referring to the ridiculous shipping of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson)


Letty Mae's Tea Room.  I discovered this little gem online a ways back, and took my sister out there for her birthday.  I walked through the door and instantly decided that it was love and wanted to move there and never ever leave.  The decor is adorable, and the food is all homemade from scratch and to die for.  (AND affordable!  The only thing that's keeping me from going there every day is the drive and the decidedly UNaffordable gas prices).  The tea you see in the photo is butterscotch tea.  It was amazing.


Airplanes.  Why? Because tomorrow one will be flying my Knight out from the East Coast to be with me for a whole glorious week. ^_^

Want more fun five favorite things?  Head on over to Moxie Wife and check out the rest of the awesome blogs out there!

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