March 20, 2013

Five Favorites - Turning 21

Yep, that's right folks!  In case you missed my rambling post late last night, I am twenty-one today!  No, I don't feel any older yet.  Maybe I will after I have my first official beer.  In honor of my birthday, I will attempt to have five favorites at least semi-related to today.


My cousin is taking me out for my birthday this weekend, so while my Knight was out here visiting, I dragged him along with me to go dress shopping.  We found this adorable dress, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot this summer!  It's sleeveless, so I threw on my sister's white shrug to help keep me a little warmer.  My Knight took me out for lunch and a movie for an early birthday celebration and I wore it then!

not my photo

This, my friends, is the dessert I picked out to have tonight.  Doesn't is sound amazing?  I love pecan pie, and I love cheesecake, so needless to say - I'm very excited!


The last time I was out East, my Knight introduced me to Moxie.  An awesome soda that sadly is only sold in stores out east.  Being the wonderful boyfriend he is, my Knight ordered a twelve pack to be delivered to my house.


Absolutely nothing to do with my birthday, but too hilarious to pass up.


One day when we were home with nothing to do, My Knight and I dressed up and did a little photoshoot together.  My sister took some wonderful photos.  Picmonkey has some very nice editing effects, by the way.  The above photos are my five favorites ;-)

To get in on the five favorites fun, head on over to Moxie Wife!


  1. Hope you have a blessed and very happy birthday! :)

  2. I love the pics! Happy b-day!

  3. Happy birthday, beautiful!!! I LOVE your new dress! Super cute!

    God bless you! *hugs* and <3


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