May 18, 2013

Libraries and Thrift Stores

I have been forgetting that it is only May; with all the 70 and 80 degree weather it feels like we skipped right over spring and have rushed headlong into summer.  Which is alright, I think, because I have been loving the warm weather, but I also love the 60s and low 70s of spring as well.  I am a little sad to have missed out on that this year.  Regardless of the actual temperature outside - it is finally warm out!  Hurrah for no more winter!

The change of the season means that it is time to change over my wardrobe, which means a visit to the thrift store.  Sister 1 and I ventured out to Goodwill the other morning, and both returned each with a large bag of success.  My spoils included three pairs of capri's, a dress and six new shirts all for the delightful price of only $36.  They are all washed and now begins the fun part of debuting each new item over the coming days and weeks!

Yesterday I went to the library before I headed off to work in the afternoon.  I am not entirely sure why, but I absolutely love going to the library in the summer and coming out with a huge pile of books.  I'm thinking part of the reason may be the sensation of getting out of your car, walking through the hot parking lot with the sun beating down and the sounds of the world all around you and then entering the doors into a place of quiet coolness where the only people you encounter and the only drama you live out is inside the cover of the novel on the shelf.  Then taking your tall stack books to the counter where the kind librarian smiles and says "My, you certainly have a lot of summer reading ahead of you!" and feeling a bit like Belle.  And then, returning home and sitting out under a shady tree to get lost in the pages of an intriguing new story.

So today, I think I will don one of of my shiny new thrifted outfits, select another book since I already finished the one I started yesterday, and enjoy the coming of summer.


  1. Why don't you live closer to me? This beautiful expanse of summer free from study is opening before me, and I just want to go skirt-shopping and book-hunting and woods-exploring with kindred spirits like you. <3 <3 <3

    God bless you, Amanda!

  2. I wish we lived closer as well! Hopefully in one of my visits out East I'll be able to swing down and visit a certain place in Virginia, once you have relocated. =) Then we can meet and go on some adventures together <3


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