June 4, 2013

I don't know what to blog and my brother is super creative

I was told recently by some friends that I don't blog enough, and I have had the same thought myself.  I would like to put up posts more often.  The trouble is, I'm not always sure what to blog about.  So I suppose I can ask my readers - what do you want to read?  Movie/book reviews?  Profound thoughts? (If that's the case you aren't going to end up with more frequent blogging... profundity doesn't strike every day y'know!) Thoughts and stories from my personal life?

I've always felt kind of funny blogging about "Oh hey, this is what I did today!"  It seems to work for many of the other bloggers I follow though.  In fact, random stories about what went on in their day are some of my favorites to read.  I can try that.  I think I'll have to work on making them more interesting to read, and like telling a story.  I doubt any of you will want to read posts that go "Okay so today I did this, and then I went here.  Then this funny thing happened... ramble... ramble.  And yeah, so that was my day today."

Branching off on a different note - can I just say I have a really creative little brother?  Brother 1 been on an alien creating spree lately, complete with illustrations and minute details about these creatures daily lives.  After he has a few he'll follow me around the house rattling off the height and digestive systems of his newest creations.

The Walking Taco

The one that I remember the best because, well, I was listening a little more than I was for some of the rest of them, is his "Walking Taco" alien.  These little parasitic creatures originate on a planet without any humans or intelligent aliens.   To feed, they latch on the their pray and the only way to get them off is to amputate the part of the body that they are on.  They can kill you in less than a month, and sometimes they'll hook on to animals that fly through space and end up on planets with people/aliens.  They've become relatively rare because only 1 in 20 Walking Tacos can reproduce, and those ones are easy to target for killing because they are bigger and have eggs that look like cheese on them.

I'm not sure what all of these are, except for the millipede one down in the bottom corner.  Those aliens come from a moon, and are the best pilots in the galaxy.  They have brains that stretch the whole length of their body, and attend school specifically to study flight and maneuvers. There are two different kinds - the hard shell and soft shell millipedes.  The hard shell ones are the ones that most often become planets because it's dangerous for the soft shell ones to leave their moon.  However, in the event that they get drafted into the army they are given iron plated skins to wear for protection.   I think he said something about their being another sort of skin that makes them transparent so they can be spies?  But I could be making that part up.

So yes, I have one very creative brother.


  1. I like to hear about YOU! What went on in your day, what you're thinking about... things like that. That's what I love about blogs: the opportunity to get a peek at the life and thoughts of long-distance friends. <3

    1. I'll do my best to share my days with you more often!


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