June 13, 2013

Five Favorites: A little bit of everything


First off... the words Wisconsin, two weeks and airplanes.  Because it reminds me that in two weeks an airplane will be bringing me my Knight and he and my family and my grandparents and I will be heading up to the north woods of Wisconsin on vacation!

[insert vacationy photo here]


Thrift stores.  They can be really super frustrating, though they have gotten better since I have accepted the pant size I actually am and stopped trying to fit into the size I thought I should be.  You can usually find some good things there (heck, over half my wardrobe is from thrift stores), and every once in a while you find a real gem.

Like this Ann Taylor pantsuit in perfect condition for only $9. 


Or this beautiful sundress that I plan on pairing with either a white, brown or blue shrug.  Photoshoot will be forthcoming!

On one of my trips to the library I discovered a delightful new series of murder mysteries entitled The Dorothy Martin Mysteries.  The descriptions sounded interesting, and really... when a book is described as a "modern Agatha Christie", how can you go wrong?  The mysteries follow the adventures of a middle aged American widow relocated in a small English town.  They are very charming and - as another review pointed out -  "G rated!", so you can enjoy them and share with younger siblings.

Book #3... about a dollhouse collector


I heard this song, oh, back around the time The Voyage of the Dawn Treader came out because, as I found out, this was the first song Carrie wrote for the end credits.  (Replaced by "There's a Place for Us".)  I really connected with it after I started dating my Knight, and it's usually the first song I find myself going and listening to when our visits come to an end.  I just watched the music video and... it made me cry.  I had never connected it with military families before, but it's perfect.


  1. I always love reading your posts :) Have fun with Paul!

  2. Love the Carrie Underwood song! I've not heard it before. I remember those days of long-distance. Scott and I used to send each other cards during that time and we both kept them and now they are in a scrapbook and a box of memories :).


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