July 28, 2013

A few thoughts from my retreat

And they will be in bullet point form, not detailed thought form because I'm tired and can't think that profoundly.

A few words on the retreat... well, it was absolutely nothing like a silent Ignatian Spiritual Exercises retreat, which is the only kind I'd ever been on before this weekend, but it was good.  This weekend was a definitely not silent young adult retreat.  I've never been big on the whole sharing my inner thoughts and struggles and all that... but I did at least speak up and share some things that stood out for me in the talks - which I hardly ever do either - and it was good to have a mini-break from life.

So here it goes.

On the Universal Call to Holiness

  • Matthew 5:48: "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect".  The original Greek word used would actually be better translated to "Be whole as your Heavenly Father is whole".  I don't know about you - but being whole sounds much more manageable!  God's idea of perfect is different than our idea... so try to be the whole, complete human person that He created us to be.  
On Conversion
  • Conversion is the process of turning to God and letting Him mold our hearts to His.  
    • Step 1: Realizing we are sinners in need of conversion [Lk 5:31-32].  If we realize we are broken we are more willing to suffer in order to be made whole.
    • Step 2: Choose to convert [2 Cor 12: 9-10].  Make the decision to open yourself to God's grace.
    • Step 3: Make it a daily conversion [Lk 9:23].  Pick up our cross daily and pursue holiness!
    • Step 4: Life is full of conversions.  [Matt 5:48].  God gave us an impossible standard so that we would never stop trying fulfill it.
Finding Your Calling in the Universal Call: Marriage
  • Hold back nothing of yourself for yourself.
  • Don't believe what the world says about marriage being imperfect. Marriage is perfect.  When love overcomes fights, money issues, any other trials or concerns, then marriage is perfect.
  • Be passionate about what God has given you.  Don't focus on yourself and trying to find God's plan for you. Start living your life outside of yourself and for others.  Once you start doing that God's plan for you will find you.
  • Don't spend all your time on retreats!  Go out into the dark places of the world and show God's light.

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