July 30, 2013

I blame it on my sisters

I was reading this lovely tribute Grace wrote for her best friend, and I as thinking to myself - a little sadly - that I've never really had a friend like that, and was wondering why.  Yes, I have very, very dear and close friends, but mostly due to the fact that I've usually lived a good 30 minutes from them at least, we've never had the hang out all the time-get together at the drop of a hat-be with each other constantly kind of best friendship.

Well, at least I always thought before that it was mostly the distance that was the issue there.  But then just now I realized another root of the problem.  These two right here.

I blame my sisters for my lack of the best friend that everyone else seems to have - because gosh darn if it they don't always seem to be there!  Whenever I want someone to hang out with, I need some one to talk to, whenever there's a hot British guy to scream over, something irritating to vent about, on the rare occasions I spontaneously decide I want to do something like go shopping or the library... they are the ones who are there to do it with.  Maybe I'm just lazy, but I guess when I have two such readily available sisters, I never felt the urge to go out looking for someone to replace them.

I'm pretty lucky in that way I guess.  A lot of girls don't have sisters close in age to them, or aren't close in relationship to the sisters that are.  And here I have not one, but two people that have been with me for the last 19-17 years and who will continue to be around for a good many more.

So yeah.  It's totally their fault that I don't have that one super close best friend.  I place the blame completely and irrevocably upon their shoulders.

I don't have a best friend.  I have my sisters.


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