March 25, 2014

Hurray for Spring Shopping!

Oh the irony - on the day I go out shopping for new spring clothes it's barely 30 degrees out and we got a few snow flurries.  WHY?  This weekend is whispering promises of temperatures in the 60s, so I am hoping and praying that the whispers are not lies.

I spent the morning clothes shopping with my sister, and found a couple of lovely new things from the local Clothes Mentor.  (Love that store!)  It's been a while since I've done any kind of clothes or fashion post here, so I thought I'd seize the opportunity to do a photoshoot and share my finds with y'all!

Lovely turquoise shrug!  I love this color and the length - also, super soft and comfy!

Can't have too many scarves, and I could not resist picking up this bright, cheerful yellow one!

Same shirt as the picture the one prior... you can't see it too well but the front is layered with strips of fluttery fabric, which I thought complimented the theme of the mint butterfly skirt rather well!

Orange! I love orange now.  It's not a color I've worn very often in the past, but it has definitely grown on me.  It's so bright and bold and fun.

A wee bit wrinkly, but this is an outfit I picked up to wear to work at my office when the weather finally warms up.  I think this is my tough working woman look.

And last is this lovely mint green top.  I absolutely adore the neckline... it's so unique and feminine!  I had fun with this pose, pretending to look off as if someone were talking to me when really no one is there but the poster of David Tennant and Matt Smith.

And that's that!  Here's to warmer weather - very, very soon!


  1. Love, love, love, love that poppy skirt!! So beautiful on you! So classy.

  2. These are all so fun! Now we just need some spring weather to match...


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