March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I know, I know... I said no Taylor Swift on my birthday, but that popped into my head and I couldn't resist making a meme!  Meme making is fun... and temptingly addicting...

It's my birthday, and so far it's been a pretty good one!  The sun is shining brightly and it's a balmy 46 degrees.  I didn't wear my coat while walking from my car into Jewel and I drove with my window open a few inches. Ahhh spring.  

My sister surprised me this morning with a video she put together of her singing re-written lyrics to Taylor Swift's 22 - plus surprise video clips of a few friends wishing me a Happy Birthday!  It was an awesome surprise, and the video greetings so took me by pleasant surprise that I nearly cried.  (But didn't, because siblings were watching).

At work my boss remembered that it was my birthday and gave me a cute card from him and his wife, and bought me a latte from Dunkin Donuts.  The cashier at Jewel wished me a happy birthday as well after checking my idea for the bottle of wine that I bought to go with dinner tonight (Pink Moscato to drink and Strawberry Chicken for dinner! Yum!)

I'm spending a quiet afternoon at home now (though I do have to go back out for my night class, ick)... but I have a fun weekend all planned out!  I took off both Friday and Saturday, so tomorrow is a long distance movie and Skype date with my Knight, and then Saturday is dinner at an Irish Pub I've always wanted to go to with friends and cousins!

Birthdays (both mine and others) have always been special to me.  While not every birthday of mine has been that great  (I'm looking at you 15 and 20) I think this one is turning out to be pretty awesome.

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