March 6, 2014

So it's Lent is it? I guess I'm meant to be a Mom-Blogger...

Disclaimer: the two topics in the title don't actually go together.  It is however how I often talk (one of the few traits I inherited from my mother), aka, the gift of stringing half thoughts together into a single sentence.

So they tell me it is Lent now and by the ashes I got on my forehead yesterday and the growling of my stomach because of COURSE I was starving in between meals, even though I normally am not, I am guessing "they" are right.  Lent has always been an... interesting season for me.  It's hard to get into the 'feeling' of the season, and not 'feeling' like it's a time of prayer and penitence makes it difficult to be prayerful and penitential.   I usually try to pick something to do in addition to something to give up but I haven't decided on anything yet.  Ideas?

As for the Mom-Blogger part.  I was thinking the other day of new names for my blog and the thought "A Little Bit of Wine" came into my head.  I loved it, but the more I thought about it I realized that was a much better name for a Mom Blog.  Now I cannot wait until I am a mom with a blog, because I am totally using that title.  I even have the header image thought up.  (It's one of my kids holding a glass of wine).

Having stored that idea away for future use, I tried to think of more names.  A few weeks ago when I was walking down the stairwell at work, I saw the sign by the elevator that read "in case of fire, use stairs", and I thought "Now that sounds like the title of a book!"  (Probably written by Kelly (This An't the Lyceum) or Simcha Fisher).  I thought of the title again today wondering if I could use that as a blog title, but alas!  I've realize that it would also make an awesome Mom Blog title, but not a single girl blog title.

Guys I'm claiming this now.  When I'm all grown up with kids, I am having a blog title A Little Bit of Wine and once I get a good sized following I will write a profound, yet humorous book about parenting and spiritual stuff and all that title In Case of Fire, Use Stairs.  Got that?  'k, thanks, bye.


  1. I like A Little Bit of Wine. And there's no reason why you couldn't use it now if you really want to. I can testify that unmarried women in their twenties definitely drink the stuff. ;)

  2. I love both of those! I will definite buy that book when you write it...and I agree with Clare - no reason why you can't use A Little Bit of Wine now!

  3. Haha alright... I will start doodling a header and blog design then! Maybe wine and pearls now... and then the whining kid and wine later down the road ;-)


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