August 22, 2014

Hallelujah, It's Finally Friday!

1.  This is going to be a fast finally friday post y'all because I forgot it was Friday, and I'm leaving the house in an hour BECAUSE I HAVE THE DAY OFF.  First Friday I've had off since I started the hotel. SO EXCITED.

2.  On my day off, I'm heading up to the Racetrack (horse, not car) about an hour north of here.  I'd forgotten it was up there until this summer, then I looked it up, saw that admission was only $8 and they have a $1 food menu on Fridays, so a friend and I are headed up there to watch the races!

3. My school books are coming today... which means classes start Monday. I don't know if I'm ready to do this or not.

4. I'm eligible for dental and vision insurance with my job, and I'll be getting pretty good coverage which means... the wisdom teeth will be coming out!  One less pain in the mouth to deal with.

5.  I think my allergies have upgraded to a cold.  Bleh.

6.  Two my sisters and me, and my brother did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and we did it Batman Style.  It was fun! (And cold).

Happy Friday y'all!

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