September 3, 2014

Hymn to the Midwest

This morning I got into my car, driving off at around seven thirty in the morning.  I put on the Titanic soundtrack, there was one track I had left to listen to after having it on the day before.  As I pulled out of my drive to the sound of quiet singing, I couldn't help but be struck by the beauty of the countryside around me.

The sunlight still had that early morning glow to it, and there was a light fog hovering over the fields.  The sunlight danced and glinted and everything was golden and beautiful.  The sky was blue, the clouds were drifting overhead and with haunting bagpipes as the backgrodp, it was so heartrendingly peaceful.

I live in the middle of corn and bean fields, the farmlands of Illinois.  I've done a bit of traveling around the country, not much, but I've seen some beautiful sights... and I must tell you, that the fields of the Midwest can compete with the best of them.  

There's nothing quite like the deep, golden glow that covers the world when the a summer evening hits the fields.  It's magical and and it is breathtaking.  There is nothing like looking out at night and watching lightening flash in the clouds so far to the south that you can't hear the thunder.  There's nothing like standing in a field at night, far away from the lights of the city and looking up and catching your breath at just how many stars manage to fit in that night sky.

It may not be the Rocky Mountains, it may not be the ocean waves or the rolling hills of the south... but it is home, and it is beautiful.

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