September 5, 2014

Friday is Finally Here!

1. I have Friday off again!  If this is going to become a regular scheduling thing, I am certainly not complaining!  It's hot and humid out (I don't mind heat as much but, ugh! Humidity? Can we be done with that please?) so I'll be chilling inside today working on homework and maybe getting started on a crocheting project for fall.

2. Speaking of fall, I sure hope we have one this year.  Last year it got really warm in September, was fall weather for about two weeks and then we plunged headlong into winter temperatures.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and yes I am that stereotypical white girl that adores pumpkin spice everything and scarves and tea and it's just NOT the same when you don't have that fall chill in the air and the leaves don't turn colors. I think they call this first world problems...

3. I finished buying all my favorite Ed Sheeran songs and put them together on a mix CD to have in my car yesterday.  I don't have a working radio, and I don't have an iPod or a smart phone to play music off of, so CDs are my source of music while driving.  Putting together CDs of songs and arranging them so that the tempos and styles of music flow smoothly together is a lot of fun.  Ed Sheeran was pretty easy to do, of course. He's on a few of my other CDs, but I'm enjoying having all the music of his that I enjoy on one disc!  Can I say how perfect his music is for driving in the rain?

4. Going back to my crocheting project... I'm going to attempt to make Katniss' awesome Cowl from Catching Fire.  I did a lot of searching around on the internet before I finally found a pattern I liked.  A lot of them were for knitting, and many of the crochet patterns looked more like a drapey shawl than an BA Archers Cowl.  I finally found this pattern on Etsy, and the girl selling the pattern was awesome in answering a few questions I had about adjusting to make sure it would fit me. The pattern looks fairly easy to do, and I'll try to either share photos as I go along or do a "Making Of" post when I'm done!

5.  I'm a sucker for romance stories... so this article sharing thoughts from some guys about when they knew their girl was 'the one' was right up my alley.

6.  A few weeks ago Pemberly Digital finished their YouTube series of Emma Approved, based on the classic Emma by Jane Austen.  It wasn't as huge of a favorite with me as was the Lizzy Bennet Diaries, but it grew on me and the folks at PD know how to make a good show.  So I was pleasantly surprised to go onto YouTube last night and discover that they've started up a new show, Frankenstein, MD. I've never read Frankenstein, but I was interested and this seems as good of an intro as any into the story!

7. Yesterday a good friend of mine who lives up in Alaska came down for a school interview, and we were able to meet up for lunch!  We've only met in person once before (through a very random and last minute does-this-happen-in-real-life set of circumstances) so it was nice to get together in a little more planned fashion this time.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I had to read Frankenstein for one of my classes in High School, and I could never "get into it." Ah well. Maybe it was because I was 15 and thought I had better things to do with my time. ;) I'll have to try it again. I've never heard of Frankenstein, MD, though.

    Happy Friday!
    The Starving Inspired


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