September 26, 2014

Finally Friday!

1. I'm a little disorganized for my normal type of Finally Friday, but the point of this type of series is to be *real* anyhow so... here we go.  I don't have a lot because I've been a bit scattered and procrastinating, so you get me for as long as I can focus on this.  Sound good?

2. Starting today I get a whole three days off of work!  I'm headed down to St. Louis tonight to celebrate my cousin's bachlorette party tomorrow.  It's the first one I've ever been to, and I am super excited.  Got my dancing shoes all set to go!  Here's a little sneak peak of my shiny new outfit...

3.  In the midst of my procrastinating today, I decided to figure out what a few Disney princesses would look like if they were Lord of the Rings characters...

Elsa would be an elf of course, and I think Anna may very well be a woman of Rohan

I think Belle would definitely be a Hobbit.

Rapunzel is definitely an elf, and Flynn is TOTALLY a Ranger

I can definitely see Merida as a Hobbit with a spirit for Adventure
4.  Two more weeks until my Knight comes!  I can hardly wait...

5. Ah, I believe my laundry is done, and my attention span has come to an end.  I probably should attempt some homework before I hit the road....

Have a lovely Friday!

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