September 30, 2014

Girly Daydreams

This past weekend I drove down to St. Louis to celebrate my Cousin M's bachelorette party.  Naturally, this sparked a lot of thoughts of my own party and weddings and a good part of the drive back up with Sister T. and Cousin S was filled with talk of what we wanted for our own weddings someday.

Most girls will agree that there's nothing more fun than sharing daydreams and hopes and plans for the day when we get to say "I do" to an awesome and incredible man.  So I thought, I'm going to share some of my favorite wedding Pins with y'all and feel free to write your own post or share your own daydreams in the comment section!

(No pictures of my dream wedding dress of course, because my Knight reads this and *Spoilers*!)

Colin Cowie Weddings

I've been on a purple wedding color kick lately... for a long time it was cornflower blue, but purple is my favorite color, and it just looks so elegant and different than what a lot of brides choose.

Outer Dress
Speaking of bridesmaid dresses.... isn't this style just GORGEOUS?  I'm pro-letting my bridesmaids choosing the neckline and sleeve type that best flatters their figure, but this dress is just so gorgeous and flowey.  

THIS RING THOUGH!  I actually would prefer a ring that isn't diamonds, but this is just so beautiful and perfect.

Tea party for a bridal shower?  Yes please!  Haha, my mom and I already have my bridal shower planned out and and decided that we are going to have it at the local tea room that is absolutely adorable and our favorite place to go out for lunch to.

Blushing Bride Wedding
Mad Libs has always been a favorite game of my family, and having something to do while waiting for dinner and the party to get started is a great idea... so what better way to entertain the guests than Wedding themed Mad Libs???

Signatures by Sarah
Isn't this a great idea too?  Talk about some memories in the making. ;-)

Apparently sticking marbles in balloons makes them float upside down.  Um, YES?

It would be super cute to do this idea with favorite romantic quotes from books and movies and songs that we love, and pair it with the idea of using wine bottles to paint the table number on...

Spirit Stitches
Of course when I got home from the trip, I started searching up bachelorette party shirt ideas, and this is I think one of my favorites.  I like the ones that say "Team Bride" as well... so maybe combining that in there somewhere, and instead of saying "Bride", "Bridesmaid" and such on the back, have their names?  Although I do like the ones where the number on the jersey is the number of years they've known the bride.  Hmm... we'll have to see.

This may work better for one of the bridal showers.  Our couple name is Panda, so this would be absolutely perfect for us!  I knew as soon as I saw it that we had to work Panda cupcakes in there somewhere.

I'll stop with those pins for now, but if you want more you are more than welcome to visit my board on Pinterest!  And please, please do share your own boards or pins or posts!  I would absolutely love to see your ideas and daydreams as well.

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  1. I looooved dreaming about my wedding. The downside of getting married: you can't do it anymore!! Lol.


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