September 14, 2014

What's with Hair?

What is the purpose of hair, exactly?  I suppose to cover our heads and help keep them warm, but really... what's the point? It's not like our whole head is covered with hair.  And if warmth was the main purpose, why grow it out?  And when you think of what hair is made of.... basically we are all walking around with long strings of dead cells hanging from our scalps.

I was thinking this yesterday as I was doing my hair for work.  I was sighing, thinking about cutting it short again and then thinking "but I don't want to cut it, I like it when it's long."  Then I stopped and thought.... well so what if it is long? I put it up all the time anyhow, who even notices how long it is?

I can see the point of styling your hair, I mean, if it's long already you might as well do something.  We braid it, we curl, we style, we color and dye it, we straighten it, we comb it over.  And why not? It's there and if we don't do anything with it becomes all kinds of annoying. It's an odd thought.

Think about it.  When was the last time you heard someone say "Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair, every day, it's awesome and I thank God for this marvelous gift."?  No, we complain about our hair a lot, wish it was curly when it was straight, straight when it's curly. If you're like me you alternately cut it short and grow it out again because you can never quite decide how you like it.

So really... what's with hair?

These random thoughts were brought to you by a perplexed mind.  She will now leave you wondering what is with having hair, while she goes and puts up her hair for work again.


  1. This is fantastic. We really are just all walking around with strings of dead cells hanging off our scalps. #lifeisweird :D

  2. Oh thank you for this. I'm totally with you on questioning hair ... I struggle with understanding it constantly.
    (and guilty as charged with the "wish it was curly when it was straight, straight when it's curly")...


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