September 16, 2014

Imagining with Music

I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one who has ever imagined a soundtrack playing along as they go about their day. That they are the starring character in a film that someone is watching somewhere.  It's fun to imagine, and wonder what kind of story that you are in.

Sometimes the perfect song comes on the radio, on your iPod, plays over those hidden speakers on a downtown street or in the mall and for a magical moment... you feel like you are in a movie. Soundtracks to films started out in the age of silent movies where the music had to tell the story, because there was no dialogue, and music continues to be an essential element of movies.  Its easy to pretend you are in a film when you have the right music playing along.

When I'm driving in the car is my favorite time to imagine I'm in a movie... it's easy, because you have music that you can play right there.  Listening to CDs is my only source of music while I'm driving, and I dislike driving in silence, so the CD I pick out at the start of my drive is often carefully selected based on the mood I'm in or the mood of the weather outside.  For example....

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, by Fall Out Boy is the first track on a mix CD that I put together. (And put together very well, if I do say so myself.)  Its a fantastic pump-me-up and get me going kind of song.  When I put this on and pull out of the driveway, I feel like a B.A. heroine in an action adventure film about to race off and do something crazy and cool and all the things that guys get to do when they are the stars of awesome action adventure films.

Ed Sheeran is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day.  I made a mix CD of my favorite songs of his, and the first one that comes on is Photograph, which I absolutely love. It was a chilly, rainy day out when I left for school this morning... and it felt like the fitting background to the start of a romantic story, a drama, and I was the leading lady driving and missing my man who was off somewhere in the world. Perhaps he was in the military, maybe he was traveling, maybe he just lived far away.  Actually, the more I listened to my CD, the more I realized that someone really should write a movie using Ed Sheeran songs as the soundtrack.  It would be practically perfect in every way.

Listening to Punching Bag by Josh Turner on a bright, crispy early September day makes me feel like I'm the star in a chick flick somewhere in the south heading off to work at my dead end diner job.  (Why do the girls in films that take place in the south always work in diners?)  It fits perfectly.... up-beat country song from a Carolina boy, about being a punching bag.  What other plotline could the movie have?

If Ed Sheeran is the start of a rainy, romantic film than What Makes You Beautiful by the Piano Guys is the end of the story.  Its still raining, but it's a happy rain now and instead of driving away sad, I'm happy and the love of my life is in the car beside me.

Every song you put on has the potential to become the soundtrack to the story in your mind.  What do you imagine when you listen to music?  What is your story?

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