August 8, 2014

Finally Friday!

1. I missed out on last weeks Finally Friday because I was up in Michigan, floating on a lake and working on my tan.  My family and I took off for three days to my grandparents lake house and spent two and a half days of doing absolutely nothing but swim and create weird traditions with a pineapple.

2. I counted up the hours and realized that between my two jobs I worked 60 hours this week.  Good for the paycheck but ugh, am I tired!  It was nice to take a break this afternoon and spend some much needed (on both our parts) date time with my Knight.  He had the day off and I worked first shift so we did a long distance movie date of Guardians of the Galaxy and spent some time skyping/chatting afterwards.  (Great movie by the way! Awesome music and fantastic one liners.)

3. The other day.... on a trip to the mall where I swore I would not buy anything.... I ended up buying my first pair of shorts.  (Cue the shocked gasps)  They were only $10, so how could I NOT buy them?  And then, how could I NOT by the Frozen t-shirt that was only $10?  (and then I don't know how I justified the other $26 top that I got but whatever.)  I did come home and do a photoshoot so I may throw together a fashion post for tomorrow.  In the meantime, I discovered I have snow powers.

4.  I just opened an envelope from my school that I thought was going to be my fall tuition bill and turned out to be a $69-extra-financial-aide-check from the summer class I took.  What a great surprise!

5.  I was also pretty psyched to come home and find that the following objects had come in from Amazon...

(Do you see what I did there?)

I'm looking forward to rewatching seasons one and two of the adventures of Shawn Spencer and Holla Backatcha, as well as reading an exciting looking piece of fiction that I heard about on someone's blog recently.  Not just dystopic fiction, but Catholic dystopic fiction and it's supposed to be very well written!  I'll report back to you once I finish!

6.  A Marianos recently opened up not too far from me, and I am in love with their tea section.  Such a lovely variety of loose leaf and bagged teas.  I'd picked up a smaller size of the Tiesta Nutty Almond Cream Tea a few weeks ago and absolutely love it (like drinking a slightly fruity banana bread!) so I went back to get a bigger container and decided to try out the Hibiscus Coconut Tea from The Republic of Tea.  I'm drinking a cup of the latter as I write, and not only is it a lovely purple color but it tastes amazing!  Slightly sweet with a light coconut flavor.

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gents!


  1. I love the shorts! WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE. Heheh. And that is such a lovely surprise about the financial aid check. :) I keep hearing Guardians of the Galaxy is good...I trust your movie tastes, so 'll have to check it out!

    1. Haha... luckily my legs have enough tan that I didn't go to the blindingly white side ;-)

      and YES. GotG was great! (A little bit of crude humor/few cuss words/one offensive gesture, just as an FYI to any of the young crowd who might read this) It was a hilarious, corny film that knew it was a corny film and openly acknowledged it to say "Yep! This is a corny story idea, so enjoy!" and because it didn't take itself too seriously it ended up being awesome.

  2. THOSE WERE YOUR FIRST SHORTS?!?!?!?!?! They're so CUTE! I remember thinking you were quite daring (in a good way!) to wear them to S&T. Your outfit was amazing.


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