November 13, 2014

Send the Soldiers Some Christmas!

Veterans Day is just past, and Christmas is rapidly approaching, so what better time for this request?  Iris contacted me about this wonderful project, and asked if I would mind reaching out to you, my readers.

You all know I'm in a long distance relationship, and while, no, it is not a military relationship, I know how hard it is to spend Christmas apart from the one you love most and I can certainly empathize with how much harder it must be for our men and women overseas. Please, won't you do something to help make the holidays easier for the people fighting to keep this country safe?

From Iris' blog:

Madonna University's Student Veterans Association, is asking for donations of unused Christmas cards, so we can sign them, and send them to our troops overseas who can't to make it home for Christmas...
But we need your help. Don't run away, it's simple. All you have to do is send us unused Christmas cards in good condition. If you'd like, you and your families can sign a few of them, too. This is just my little addition, but if you could spare any beautiful, Christian cards with religious art, that would be wonderful. Things can get so ugly over there, I think a beautiful card would brighten things up a bit.

So, please please please help us out or at least pass this on, send us cards so our overseas servicemen and women can have a little extra Christmas cheer from us. Let's put a Christmas card in the hand of every deployed man or woman this Christmas season. These people put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy, so I think it's only right to do something for them.

Send your cards here:
Madonna University c/o Transition Office36600 Schoolcraft Rd.Livonia, MI 48150

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