November 20, 2014

And All My Wisdom Is Gone

Or at least, that's what Sister R keeps telling me.  I informed her that, actually, having your wisdom teeth removed does not get rid of your wisdom, but rather is necessary for the wisdom stored therin to be released into your mind.

Praise the Lord for dental insurance.  One of the many wonderful things that I love about my job at the hotel is that even though I'm part time, I am still eligible for benefits, and the hotel management company has an awesome dental plan that allows for free cleanings two or three times a year and coverage that paid for all but $400 of my wisdom tooth extraction bill.

The teeth had been bothering me since earlier this year when the top ones came in, and then the bottom ones were a bit stuck down there so that made for a lot of fun jaw aches.  But now they are out!  And I've been told that the swelling is the worst on the third day, so if this is the most that I look like a chipmunk, I"m okay with that.

In the meantime while I recover, praise the Lord for ibuprofen, natural anti-inflammatory pills that I can take (almost) as much as I want of without it negatively interacting with the ibuprofen and bio-freeze to numb my face with!

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  1. Ohh man... I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out. Actually I don't, because I was drugged up at the time. Let me rephrase. I got my wisdom teeth out two years ago, and they gave me too much anesthesia so I was half-asleep the whole day. But I do remember how awful the recovery process can be, so you'll be in my prayers! And amen, amen, thank the sweet baby Jesus for ibuprofen. ;)

    The Starving Inspired


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