November 21, 2014

And Finally, It is Friday

1. On the wisdom teeth front - the swelling is much less today!  The discomfort has gone down a bit too, and aside from some dizzyness, feeling much better than yesterday. Hurrah!

2.  Seriously - puns on this line never get old.

3.  You don't realize just how much you appreciate the simple things in life - like chewing food - until you can't.  I am done with yogurt for about the next five years, and smoothies, and last night I just wanted something that wasn't sweet because most soft foods somehow ending up being sweet food.  We had to stop by Jewel last night, and I found one of those little individual serving cup things of Hormel Chili - guys, I can't tell you how excited I was to get home and eat that.  I was starving, and it was soft, and it wasn't sweet.  Best canned chili I've ever had.

4. If you are a photographer, chances are you've heard of Lightroom - a wonderful Adobe product designed for photo editing.  A lot of semi-professional/professional photographers use it, so no shame there, and even if there was I'd still use it 'cause it's awesome.  I'd had it on my old computer, and just now I finally got around to putting it on my current laptop.  Just in time for a recent photoshoot.  

I decided in that the black and white horizontal one looks like the cover of an album, which I decided would be my imaginary Irish Folk Song cover album.  Which is non-existent, and probably always will be, because really? Me record an album?  But hey, I can dream.

5. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already next week???  I am trying to get ahead on my Christmas planning, so that I'm not scrambling along trying to buy and make gifts at the last minute - as usual - but the time is flying by so fast!

6. In closing, I have found the poster of my life.

Happy Friday!

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