August 24, 2015

How I Got Rear-Ended and It Was a Good Thing

Hello blogging world!  Yes, I am back. For this post at least.  And then we shall see... Summer tends to be more reading and less writing for me, and fall and winter are more writing and less reading.  It is almost fall, so I'm sure once my last semester (!!!) of school starts and fall starts to make it's appearance, you will see me back around again.

In the meantime...

It's not often you would find that having someone run into the back of your car at 9am on a July morning when you least expect it would be a very good thing to happen to you. That just goes to further show how God doth worketh in mythertiouth wayth.  (My olde English somehow slipped into a lisp...)

You see, if I'd not had a gentleman two cars behind me fail to apply his brakes properly and hit the car behind me, which then hit my car and pushed in the trunk just enough that it became a struggle to shut and open, and give me a case of the whiplash, I would not have had a whole month of chiropractic care covered by the insurance.  I've been having a lot of stiffness and being able to go twice a week for several weeks worked out a lot of the problems I'd been encountering.

If I hadn't been rear ended, the insurance company wouldn't have given me an additional payment besides covering my medical expenses. Then, when I discovered that I would not be receiving any financial aide from my Pell Grant because I only have 7 credit hours this semester, paying $1100 would have been a much more daunting task.  As it was, adding the insurance money to what I had saved up left me only $100 short - a much easier amount to find the extra funds for.

And if that gentleman had not rear ended my rusty, dented, fifteen year old beater of a car, the insurance agent wouldn't have come to my house, taken one look at the car and said "Don't bother fixing it" while handing me a check that turned out to be exactly what I needed for a good down payment on a new car. Without that check, saving up for the new car I was desperately needing would have taken me much longer.

As it was, because I got rear ended, last week I was able to pay for my last semester of college and upgrade from the top car, to the beautiful shiny new Volkswagen Jetta on the bottom.

That being said, I have no interest in being rear ended ever again.


  1. What a cool way that God brought so much good out of a bad incident!! So cool! Also, this may be kind of random, but remember a while back when you wrote a post on lavender? Well, I was at a hippie-ish store the other day, and I thought of your post and bought some goat's milk lavender soap (and I love it). So thanks for indirectly causing that! :)

    1. Lavender goat's milk soap is the best! =) Haha, you are welcome!

  2. Haha this story is the best! I lurve you.


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