November 21, 2008

Butter and Bloopers

Butter and microwaves are so weird. Weird on the point of being villainous!
Not by themselves are they weird villans,, but when you try and do things with them together do they act strange. Hmm, must be the radioactive properties that have messed the insides of the microwaves brains!
But really, when you put butter in the microwave to 'soften it', it acts pretty strange sometimes. For example...
Today at lunch time, I took the plate of butter from the refrigerator and put it in the microwave. It was this little piece, only about a tablespoon, which you think would be at least soft after 5-6 seconds, right? Wrong! 5 secs, still hard and cold. So, knowing how fast these butters can warm up and melt on you, I put it in for 3 more seconds. Nothing. 5 more seconds. Ooh, it isn't as cold anymore! 5 more seconds, wow, I can actually use it to spread on stuff!
Having used up the tablespoon of butter and needing more, I take a stick from the refrigerator and put it in the microwave, on the butter plate. (No silly, a stick of butter! Why would I have a stick in my refrigerator?) So, I put that in for 15 seconds and... bingo! Perfect softness for spreading. Only 15 seconds and the big stick was softer then the little tablespoon! AGHHH!
So yeah, butter and microwaves are weird. If you still don't believe me...
Once upon a time I took the butter plate out of the refrigerator. It had a whole stick of butter and a little less then a tablespoon of butter on it, the plate. I put the butter plate in the microwave for 20 seconds or there about. And lo and behold, when I take it out... the stick of butter is soft enough for you to push your finger into it, no problem, but the little tiny insty winst piece... hard and cold! I kid you not!
Therefore, I proclaim that butter and microwaves must be in a grand conspiracy with each other. A dastardly and dreadful scheme to make us scream when our butter melts back to cream. They are definitely in cahoots together. So keep a weather eye on the microwave, and on your butter! Who knows what they might plan next.

No butter was harmed in the writing of this post.
Real butter was used, not margarine.

Don' t say more, say Mordor!

And if you are bored, here is the blooper real from the Prince Caspian DVD. (I got it off of NarniaWeb.)

Only 11 more days!!!!


  1. Where did you find those bloopers???!!!! Darn you Susan! Taking my guy! She is pretty, though. My Narnian side has just been revived!!!! *enters the Narnian dream world, where she will remain until about three months after the DVD comes out*

    Thanks for posting that! *goes to watch it again and *

  2. Hi Lady Rose! I just want you to know that though it has been serveral eons since I left a comment, I'm still following your very diverting blog every day! Incidentally, my blog has a new name now - it's no longer "Lantern's Light", so, like yours, it now has the wrong name on blogrolls. God bless you, my dear sister, and stay close to Our Lady!

  3. I nominated you for an award awhile ago. Sorry I just let you know.


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