November 6, 2008

My Two Cents on the Elections

Okay, I know I am tired of hearing about the elections, so you probably are too, but I thought that I would just put up my two cents on this whole thing.

First off, I think that if anyone out there was in depression yesterday because of President-Elect Obama's victory - you should be done with it. I can understand the let down, but we can't wallow in our grief and disappointment. I have heard people say that Obama is the anti-Christ and that these must be the last days. Well that may possibly be so, but if it is then we should face it as smiling and joyful soldiers of Christ! The hard times ahead will be much more bearable if we cheerful disposition and gladly carry our cross, we will be nothing except miserable and despicable if we pout and lose hope. To lose Hope is to despair, and to despair is to sin.

We will survive. And we will do more than survive, we will conquer! They have not won! God has heard our prayers, and good will come out of this. We have not lost the fight, we have just taken a hard knock.

And this is 'victory' of the enemy may indeed be a good thing, believe it or not. How many people do you think would keep praying, repenting and converting if McCain had won? Zero! We would have just sighed with relief and gone on living our lives as before. But this seeming defeat ironically gives people a reason and an inspiration to "change"! Yes, to "change"! To change their hearts and the way they have been living their lives and turn back to God! This may indeed be the opportunity our country needs to become once again, a Christian nation.

As President of the United States, we do owe Barack Obama our respect as citizens of the United States. We may disagree with what he stands for, we may decided to battle the laws he tries to pass, but we may not- especially as followers of Jesus Christ - be disrespectful. Calling Obama names and flaming at him will not do anyone good. Love your enemies. Forgive those who persecute you.

So what should we do? Like I said before, we ironically follow Obama's own motto and change... for the better. And while we are at it, we can pray for him, for his safety, his conversion and for his soul. We can bring our hearts back to the straight and narrow. We can bring our families and friends back to the truth. We can bring our country back to God.

We can still win.


  1. Very well said Rose! Very mature also, and thank you for pointing out what many people are not considering, that being this was meerly one battle in the war.

  2. Very profound Amanda, Very profound! you should read that as a speech somewhere! or read it on the radio!

  3. Wow, this was excellent! I was in severe depression yesterday, of course, but you are soo right about how this will actually help us. Whenever the Israelites misbehaved, things like this happened to them. Seems to be a hint that America's getting too lazy on the prayers ;)

  4. Excellent, dear! Keep up that hope-filled spirit!

    ~Your (Fairy) Godmother

  5. I agree Rose! We must always keep up hope no matter what happens. Thanks for your post.

    Your niece Rachel

  6. After viewing with dismay the great amounts of despair and hopelessness throughout the blogging world, it is such a relief to see a young Catholic who isn't quite ready to give in.

    We'll get to be called the Church Triumphant when we join their ranks in Heaven. While we're on earth, we fight, and we're called the Church Militant.


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