August 27, 2010

An Long Expected Update

It has been soooooo long since I last did a real blog post!  By that I mean a blog post that wasn't pirates themed, or a review of something or talking about Ink and Fairydust... the last time I did something personal was July 1st when I talked about the first day of ReginaCon!  But even that wasn't me just rambling on and on about - me. ;)
In fact overall I've been neglecting this poor blog quite shamefully. Well, today I shall write a long and delightfully random and rambling blog post that shall probably be of interest only to myself.

Summer time is nearly over now... it was quite an action packed summer at that!  A trip to Florida in May, a travel down to Virginia in June, a weeks break and than off to Ave Cor Mariae Summer Girls Camp 2010!  It was lovely getting to see old friends again for a wonderful week of faith and fun.  Then the mornings of the last two weeks of July were spent enjoying "Musica Dominum Dei", a Sacred Music camp run by a young lady I know.  We learned Gregorian chant, a few hymns, as well as music interpretation.  The music interpretation was so much fun!  I loved listening to the songs and either writing a story for it, painting with colors that expressed the mood, or coming up with an explanation for the different rhythms, instruments... it makes listening to music even that much more interesting and fun!  We finished the week by traveling up to a convent and singing for Mass there.  The sisters were very welcoming and we had a lovely breakfast with them afterward.

August has been spent in anticipation of college.  I went to my orientation day the first week of August and had a grand time.  I love my college and I can't wait until classes start!  I'll be doing English, Math, Intro to Visual Literacy and my first year experience class for the first term.  I'm looking forward to the Honors retreat in a few weeks - which, funnily enough, is at the same place as Ave Cor Mariae!  It'll be nice to see the girls I met at Orientation and get to know them a little bit better before we jump into the fun and activities of Welcome Week.  I am glad I met them, it's reassuring to already know some people with similar interests when venturing into a strange and new world.

So now I am waiting in impatient expectation for classes to start while my friends have all left and started college already.  This will be a new experience for me, no doubt of that.  Driving to classes everyday, actually having to drive everyday.  Bleh, not looking forward to that - I'm not overly fond of driving.  Getting a job (I hope!)... being in a classroom.  I think the classroom will be the biggest change and adjustment for me.  For most of my highschool, I taught myself and only had my mom teaching me when I was stuck on something and couldn't figure it out on my own.  So to have someone teaching me, not being able to go ahead or fall behind when I want to (*cough* No, I didn't fall behind that much.) and sharing a classroom with a bunch of other people instead of just myself in my room... yeah, it'll be different!  But I am very excited to be starting this new chapter in my life!

Well... I believe that is the extent of my ramblings for today.  I shall try to not let quite so many months pass before I write again!  Farewell.

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