August 14, 2010

Black as Night

Hello there!  I'm back again after ignoring you all with another review of one of Regina Doman's books!  This time I'll be reviewing "Black as Night", Regina's second book and my hesitant favorite.  (Hesitant only because I love all of her books so much that it is hard to choose a favorite!)

I wasn't sure whether or not to introduce anyone this time around, seeing as how the people - or should I say, person - I introduced last time rather took over my post!  But then I thought that since they did such a wonderful and entertaining job, I'd give it a shot.  Blanche, Bear, Brother Leon?  Would you care to take over at this point?

Blanche: Bear, you can do it.

Bear: You started the story.

Brother Leon: I can't start talking until you do!  The book starts with you running - 

Blanche: *smiles*

Bear: *laughs* Brother Leon, I thought the idea was to have Blanche start out, not us tell her part of the story for her?

Blanche: Oh, this feels so awkward... can't one of you please start?

Brother Leon: I'll start.  Once upon a time in New York City, it was night time.  Scratch that, I'm telling it from my point of view, so it was morning.  It was morning.  In most places, Morning is a time for peace, quiet, good coffee when it's not my turn to make it... but not in the Friary of St. Giles.  At least not this morning.  After breakfast I had gone to take some donations to the vestibule where we stored them, when I discovered Blanche.

Blanche: You see, the previous night I was chased by two boys on the subway. I ran to the Friary because to me it was Saint Catharine's Church, a part of the high school I had attended.  Bear had given me a key to the church and I hadn't known that someone had bought the place after the school closed down.

Brother Leon: *laughs* Yeah, we gave her a start when she woke up and saw seven guys in brown robes looking down at her.

Blanche: You were very warm and welcoming, and I enjoyed my stay there.  My mom, Rose and Bear were all out of town and I was being chased by a danger that I couldn't face on my own.  The friars were a heaven sent refuge while I tried to figure out what to do.

Bear: And I'm so glad they were there for you.  Following the events of "The Shadow of the Bear", Freet's arrest and not having to live on the streets anymore... I was struggling with finding direction in my life.  I loved Blanche, but I didn't know if I was ready for marriage or even if I would be any good as a husband, given the role model I unfortunately had in my dad.  So I left for a trip to Europe to try and get things sorted.  I had invited Blanche to come with, but she stayed home with her job and ended up getting caught up in this crazy adventure, which turned into a bit of a nightmare for all of us.

Blanche: *smiles at him* But it ended like a wonderful dream.

Brother Leon: Cutting in so you two won't give the end away... 

Bear: I wasn't going to!

Brother Leon: Just the same.  So folks, if you want to find out what the nightmare was and how it turned into a dream and enjoy a little suspense and laughter along the way, check out "Black as Night", available for purchase from! Handing it back over now to you Rose.

Rose: Oh great!  Hey everyone I -

Brother Leon: Not you!  The other Rose!

Rose: Awww drat.

Thank you Brother Leon, you three did a very good job with this review.  Such a good job that I really don't have anything to add other than why this book is my favorite.

For quite a while after "Waking Rose" came out, it was my favorite book.  After all, it was full of great things that you'll hear about when I do a review on it, plus the main character was Rose!  Then I joined the forum as one of the zillion Rose's on there and shared in the general fan excitement over Fish and Rose... and then I started to feel a little bad for Blanche and Bear.  Rose and Fish are wonderful people and I love them dearly, but they do tend to overshadow their older siblings!  I re-re-read "Black as Night" and rediscovered a wonderful, beautiful, entrancing story that all-too-often gets hidden behind "The Shadow of the Bear" and "Waking Rose".  And to add to that - this book has Brother Leon!  I will say unreservedly that Brother Leon is my most favorite Fairy Tale Novels character ever, and the main reason why "Black as Night" get's first place on my list.  He's funny, compassionate, brave, get's a gun pointed at him and knocked out by a stack of school desks getting pushed on him (yeah... you have to be in danger of death or at least knocked unconscious at least once in your life to get into my favorite character club) and he's just amazing!

So if you haven't read "Black as Night" ever or it's been a while since you've picked it up, I give you my full and hearty encouragement to go and do so now.


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you even more now, Rose! :D I didn't realize you're another Blanche and Bear fan! I love them, obviously:)

    I've given up on trying to pick a favorite book, though...I love them all too much!

    And that was another awesome review! :D

  2. Hey! Where's all the yo ho ho and crazy pirate stuff!


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