August 31, 2010

Waking Rose

When Waking Rose came out I eagerly grabbed the first copy I came across and jumped into the adventures of my favorite couple, Fish and Rose.  Well, they weren't a couple for most of the book - but we all knew that was coming.
Now as for the story, once again I've invited several of the character's to share their story with you all.

Paul: Hi, I'm Paul Fester and this is -

Alex: Alex O'Donnell, very pleased to meet you.

Hey wait... where are Fish and Rose?  This is their book, they are supposed to be helping out here!

Alex: Well you see, Ben called us at the last minute and said that he and Rose couldn't make it after all and so that's why we're here!

Paul: We do know the story...

Very well.  Carry on!

Paul: Great!  Well let's see... Alex and I met Rose at Mercy College the fall that she started going there.  I was in a bioethics class with her and Alex was in... a different class.

Alex: Theology.  So we met her, discovered that she read Chesterton and all became great friends!  As long as she didn't mention sewing and remind us that she was a girl, she was great to talk to!

Paul: Yeah, it was a lot of fun!  We even made her a Lady of the Sacra Cor.

Alex: The Sacra Cor was the guys dorm that Paul and I stayed in, and we all had formed ourselves into a band of knights.  We practiced weaponry, fighting skills and pledged ourselves to the defense of our ladies.

Paul: After I got to know Rose - oh, and I think I had met Ben, Fish, at this point - we started working on this "Monster Bioethics Paper", as Rose put it.  She was going to do hers on abuse of patients at the hospital, something her dad had worked on while he was in the newspaper during the time the Brier's lived around the college.  I helped her to do some searching in the boxes of old papers that the Brier's stored in a family barn nearby.  Then Rose ran into a dead end and decided to a paper on the care of comatose patients instead.

Alex: Yeah, and this whole time poor Paul had a crush on Rose, but it was pointless 'cause - 

Paul: Hey!  Spoiler!

Alex: It wasn't a spoiler, it was a teaser.

Paul: Whatever.  It was around this time then - 

Alex: That tragedy struck!  Disaster befell us!  And if you want to know what it was, you'll have to go and read Waking Rose, available wherever the Fairy Tale Novels are sold! Handing it back over to -

Paul: Wait!  If you didn't know this already, Alex and I do have our own books.  I am in "The Midnight Dancers" and Alex stars in "Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyberthieves".  NOW handing it back over to Miss Rose Marchen.

Thank you both for doing this review for me and in place of Rose and Fish!

Waking Rose is a beautiful story, very nearly my favorite one of the series.  Just a note to readers who haven't read this book yet, it is probably Regina's darkest book and does deal with some tricky issues, so younger readers may want to have their parents input on it first. (And parents, you can now go to the "Picky Parent's Guide" on the Fairy Tale Novels Website to check out any issues!) 

Overall, a highly recommended book and one that I think guys and girls alike will really enjoy.


  1. No... Fish? You didn't let Fish tell his part of the story? I love Paul and Alex but... but... *bursts into tears*


  2. AHHHHHHH!!!!! Omigoodness!!! I just got this book from the library yesterday afternoon! I had finished Black As Night and immediately fell in love with the series. Waking Rose is my absolute favorite book of those two, but I have yet to read the first one. I loved Waking Rose SOOO much that I stayed up until nearly 2 in the morning this morning to finish it cuz I couldn't bear to wait until morning! And then I come on this blog to comment on the books under your review for Black As Night, and boom! I see this review! coincidence much? :) these are my most favorite books ever!!

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  4. Waking Rose is my fave book I'm a HUGE Fairy Tale Novel Fan!
    Rose Brier


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