October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 7

Today is volume 7 of 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I suppose I will celebrate with 7 random lists of 7 different things.  This means I suppose I'll need a list for this QT.  So here we go, my seven of my favorite bloggers!

Seven "7" facts about my family... My mom was born on the seventh.  So was my dad.  My parents got engaged on the seventh. They got married on the seventh.  There are seven kids in my family.  My youngest brother was born on April 7th.  We've lived in six houses so far, so we pretty much consider it fate that once we move for the seventh time that's where we'll stay for good.


Seven things that I did yesterday.  I
  1. went to work and finally stamped the huge stack of postcards we didn't have stamps for
  2. checked flight prices to Boston
  3. discovered that counting calories ends up making you eat healthy, which ends up with Dr. Pepper, two rice crispie treats and a chocolate chip cookie not agreeing the best with you.
  4. slid down a slide for the first time in a long time
  5. found my way out of a corn maze and then found my way out again by going back to the entrance
  6. listened to the bells of the church ring as the Year of Faith began
  7. drove a 25 minute drive in 17 minutes because the 20+ stoplights were green the whole way.

Seven things that I cannot stand: couch pillows laying on the floor - the same adjective/verb/adverb used more than once in the space of a paragraph - mushrooms - raw chicken - reading medical illness/symptom descriptions... they make me feel so queasy! - messy rooms (this one is sort of part time... I can block it out for a while, but the minute I get stressed or have to focus on something hyper-room-cleaning-mode kicks in and I can't relax until the mess is gone) - my name being pronounced "A man, DUH"

I am looking forward to these seven things:  Visiting my Knight at the end of December - going book shopping - getting around to going fall shoe shopping - losing weight - going to Mass tonight - turning 21 next spring - my next paycheck

Seven things that I am thankful for:
  • Tea and pumpkin. Both on their own and combined with each other... pumpkin tea is pretty much amazing.
  • Country music and particularly Josh Turner because his new CD is the best.
  • Coffee - and especially the fun coffee drinks like lattes and flavored coffee and frappes and mocha
  • Jeans and knee high socks, for the days when your legs are starting to get a little fuzzy and you don't have time to shower and shave.
  • The fact that there is a Half-Price Book store near me and I'll be going there with a friend this week
  • I may not have lost my freshman fifteen yet (or eighteen...) but at least I'm not trying to lose something like a freshman forty
  • That I live in an area of the country where big creepy, super poisonous bugs, giant snakes, killer fish and the like are relatively non-existant

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