October 9, 2012

Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves - Part 1

In recent years, I have  come to love scarves.  They are so fun, so feminine, so elegant, sophisticated and playful.  They can and do serve to keep you warm... but sometimes they just add that extra little touch to an outfit. I'm up to 14 scarves in my personal collection now... and because now is the time of year when I start pulling out some of the warmer ones, I had the urge to take them out and photograph them and share them all with you!

Where I Got It From:  This was one of my very first scarves... I think possibly a thrift store find.  It was one of those things that I saw, then tucked away and forgot all about for a while.
When Do I Wear It: I tend to wear this one as a spring or summer scarf.
What Do I Wear It With: Typically I wear it with a white shirt/blouse, I've used it as a belt as well.

Where Did I Get It: Ooh... honestly, I have no idea.  I might have "stolen" it from a sister....?
When Do I Wear It:  This one isn't really a favorite of mine to wear so... I used it to decorate my dorm room!  Definitely a spring/summer scarf.
What Do I Wear It With: I think it would go with denim, white, perhaps another pale color.

Where Did I Get It: I think this was another thrift store find.
When Do I Wear It: This is another spring/summer favorite.
What Do I Wear It With:  I've worn it with a pink shirt as well as green... which really brings out either the flowers or leaves.This one also makes a cute belt.

Where Did I Get It:  This one I got... four-ish years ago, possibly five from Wal-Mart.  They were all the rage in our homeschooling group and I had to have one!
When Do I Wear It:  Winter.  It's nice and wide and makes an excellent shawl as well as a nice thick scarf.
What Do I Wear It With:  If it's with an outfit... black, gray, I think I've paired it with red.  I also wear it with my coat.

Where Did I Get It: I am 99% that this was a Christmas gift from my grandma a few years ago
When Do I Wear It: This is another fall/winter scarf.  It's a little thicker as well, so again it works great as a shawl/outdoor scarf!
What Do I Wear It With:  White shirts with the occasional denim jacket, black, navy blue.

Where Did I Get It: This was another Christmas gift, from my other Grandma
When Do I Wear It: I've worn this one all year around... spring, cooler summer days, fall and winter.
What Do I Wear It With: I wear it with white, navy blue, black and gray

Where Did I Get It: I got it at Wal-Mart
When Do I Wear It:  This is another year-round favorite
What Do I Wear It With: The first time I wore it was to pick up my Knight the first time he flew out to visit me for the very first time.  I wore it then with a green shirt, I've also worn it with blue, yellow and white.

And now, because 14 is a lot of photos and I know most folks don't read long blog posts.... look for Part 2 tomorrow!

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