October 10, 2012

Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves - Part 2!

Now to continue on with Part 1 in the celebration of scarves from yesterday! 

Where Did I Get It: From my awesome friend, Elenatintil for my.... 19th birthday...?
When Do I Wear It: Mostly in the spring and summer, but it's one of my favorites so I'm sure I'll bring it out in the fall and winter too!
What Do I Wear It With: Pink... yellow... black... white... dark blue... fun, summery shirts and skirts.

Where Did I Get It: Wal-Mart

When Do I Wear It: This one I tend to wear more in the winter and fall
What Do I Wear It With: Black, gray, white, red, I've never done this before but I could see pairing it with orange shirt as well.... not a deep orange, but paler.

Where Did I Get It: My mom got it from Khols, and I "stole" it from her
When Do I Wear It: All year around
What Do I Wear It With: I've paired it with brown, white, blue and olive green. A favorite outfit is this scarf with a brown with gold sequin skirt

Where Did I Get It: This was a birthday gift for my 20th birthday from a friend of mine.
When Do I Wear It: I feel like this is a spring/summer type of scarf
What Do I Wear It With: I may have worn it with a blue shirt... white with a denim jacket is my favorite pairing.

Where Did I Get It: This was a Christmas gift this past year from my great-aunt.
When Do I Wear It: Definitely a winter scarf.
What Do I Wear It With:  Black looks best... gray, could probably pull off a red. I wore it with a black top and an olive skirt once and thought it looked cute.

Where Did I Get It:  I found this at Charming Charlie.  If you don't have a store near you, you have my deepest sympathy.  That place is AMAZING.
When Do I Wear It: Well, I only got it this past summer... I'll probably wear it in the winter as well.
What Do I Wear It With: I may have worn this with a white dress once... a white top and denim skirt, or a pale purple shirt.

Where Did I Get It:  This was another Charming Charlie find, a friend of mine took me out shopping for my birthday this year!
When Do I Wear It: Definitely a summer scarf.  But I can see pairing it with a black dress for the winter as well.
What Do I Wear It With:  Black shirt/blouse, the aforementioned black dress should I ever get one, I actually haven't worn it that often yet... but something nice.  It's darker than in the picture, so maybe another dark color.

And that concludes my mini-fashion show of scarves!  I hoped you enjoyed my posting, and if any of my dear readers are scarf fans as well I'd love to see pictures/posts of your own collections!


  1. Love seeing your collection! I believe we just got a Charming Charlie near us, and I've been meaning to visit when I have a little spare $$$

  2. What a great post idea, loved it! ~Clare


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