October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 8


About a week ago the first season of Once Upon a Time came in from the library, and I introduced my mother and the two of my sisters who haven't seen it yet.  Long story short, they've spent every spare moment (and even those that aren't) in watching 22 episodes before the 2 week check out time is up. 


Ink and Fairydust, a Christian e-magazine that I help to produce just started up a blog.  If you are a fan of I&F, then head over to inkandfairydust.blogspot.com for bi-weekly posts and behind the scenes peeks.  If you aren't a fan - what are you waiting for?  Past issues can be found at our website, www.inkandfairydust.com


While searching for Country music songs about God, I happened across a beautiful gem in the song "New Again", by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans.  There are lots of country songs out there that praise God and give reference to Him in a positive way, that is one of the reasons why I love country so much.  But honestly, I never expected for find a song about the Passion of Christ outside of the christian music genre.  That, however, is exactly what I found.  


You know... a lot of people love Indian Summer, and I suppose the 80 degree weather we've had around here the last two days has been nice.  I don't know though - I guess I'm the kind of person that once the weather has turned cold I want it to just stay cold and not bounce back and forth.  Once it starts to warm up, it needs to stay warm and not go back to being cold.  Oh well.  Today is supposed to be 40 and raining and I'll have my cold weather back.  We'll see if I end up enjoying it or complaining about how miserable it is.

The election is coming up soon... and I do care about the outcome.  However, by this point I agree with this.


This week Your Little Princess Costume Design revealed the third of it's four new fall fashions. This one is one of my favorite designs.  You can see Gabriella in all her gypsy princess beauty at her very own page on our website.  www.ylpcostumedesign.com/gabriella


I am officially fed up with Facebook.  It rather frequently decides that it is not the site I am looking for, and keeps me out.  Sometimes I can get away with it working for several hours.  Sometimes I get half a scroll down my news feed and it conks out.  Sleeping my computer and turning it back on again usually does the trick. (And other times it doesn't' and I have to actually restart my computer.  Twice.)  Occasionally - if my facebook need is not pressing - leaving the page alone and poking around on Pinterest, chatting with my Knight or doing other things will yield the result of coming back to find it working again.  That was the approach I took tonight and... two hours later we find Facebook still not the site I am looking for, and me too lazy to just go ahead and do the reboot.


  1. Love the song in #3. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh that song and the video...Thank you for sharing. I have never heard that song and should have had kleenex on hand when I did.


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