February 27, 2014

Five Favorites: The Cold Edition

I have a cold.  I needed a blog post idea.  Therefore, I am posting my five favorite remedies/things that make me feel better when I have a cold.  Because I hate, hate, hate colds and would rather have the flu than a cold and so I do everything I can to get rid of it/pretend it doesn't exist.

1. - Tea

I drink lots and lots of tea when I'm sick.  Usually lemon tea - especially have a sore throat - but any kind of herbal tea is fair game.  I'm normally a sugar in my tea kind of gal, but when I have a cold I'll dump loads of honey into my tea.

2. - Chocolate

Chocolate is amazing even when you aren't feeling sick, but when you are sick it's even better.  And besides, dark chocolate is good for you, right?  It's a good thing that I am a dark chocolate fan because I totally use colds as an excuse to indulge myself with "healthy chocolate."

3. - Netflix

I actually haven't been watching a lot lately due to late nights and very early mornings, but when I get a lazy day/evening and a cold at the same time there's nothing better adding some episode watching to go along with my tea sipping and chocolate nibbling.

4. - Fluffy Blankets

And of course while I am engaging in #1, 2 and 3 I am wrapped up in a fluffy blanket.  But not just any blanket, my blue awesomely fluffy and soft and warm blanket.  (Yes, this totally counts as a remedy for colds.)  I always have a few days of feeling absolutely crappy and shivering with a cold, and this is a very nice and warm blanket.

5. - Medicine, Remedies, You Name It I'll Take It

And of course, there's mah drugs.  I might have mentioned before that I hate colds with a bitter passion, so as soon I realize I'm sick I'm taking maximum does of Vitamin C and D and taking Sudafed or Coldcalm or Dayquil as frequently as the dosages allow.  Sometimes I might even alternate between two different things so I can overlap on the time allowances a little and not die.  I hate colds.

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  1. Cold are definitely nasty. I had one just recently and unfortunately I was in a situation where I couldn't take meds. It's tolerable during the day but at night..... ooooh, my. Farewell sleep!!


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