February 25, 2014

Welcome to Anne's Garden

When I started dating my Knight, just a little over two and a half years ago the plethora of relationship advice books and websites out there suddenly took on a new relevance.  I've picked up a few over the years, particularly in the early days of figuring out how being in a relationship was supposed to work, but I quickly noticed one thing.

There was a definite lack of any sort of advice or support when it came to long distance relationships.  Advice and suggestions for ways to grow your relationship even while you were 1,000 miles apart was hard to come by and so I had to take regular relationship advice and modify it to fit our needs.  It was somewhere back then, maybe about a year ago around the time that I wrote my blog post Long Distance Love, that I thought "Gosh... wouldn't it be great if there was a Facebook group for people in long distance relationships?"

I didn't do it then, but I thought of the idea from time to time.  I did a quick Google search the other day, and there is certainly more out there now in the way of resources for long distance couples than there were two and a half years ago.  I started thinking about a Facebook group more seriously, a Facebook group for women in long distance relationships in particular.  I've been blessed to come across a few girls who are in long distance relationships as well... and sometimes it is so nice to talk to someone who really gets it and knows exactly what it is like to be so far away from the guy you love.

And that, dear readers, is why I have started Anne's Garden. (Credit for inspiring me with the title goes to my Knight.  He's a genius.)

To quote from the little "about us" blurb I wrote up:

Anne's Garden a place for women in long distance relationships to gather. It's a place for us to sip a cup of tea and share stories about our men, find a shoulder to cry on, excitedly wave around photos of our latest visit and ask for advice. The garden is named for Anne Shirley, of Green Gables fame, who was in her own long distance relationship with Gilbert for three years (in Anne of Windy Poplars).

I'm still new to the ways of running a group, but I believe that the link should lead you right to it and allow you to request permission to join. It is a closed group so all content is private, the name and who is a member being the only information visible.  There is no stipulation on how long of a distance it has to be, or how long you've been in one.  The only thing we respectfully ask that only women who are in or have been in (we love women who were in long distance and are now married!) long distance relationships join this group.

So please, if you are in a long distance relationship or know someone who is and would love the support and companionship from other girls - by all means join us! The more the merrier and you all are welcome.  Hope to see you for tea!


  1. Your Knight came up with the title?? That's so awesome! Increased respect. lol. Men who would even get it, let alone come up with it, are few and far between.

    1. He is a special man indeed! He came up with the Garden idea, and I supplied the Anne. He suggested Arwen as a possibility, which I nearly went with before deciding Anne was a little better fit for my vision.


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