February 26, 2014

I was older when I was younger

I think that any of my readers who have younger siblings - in particular, those of you who are oldest children - can agree that when you look at how old your siblings are, you know without a doubt that you were definitely older than they are when you were that age.  Come on, fifteen is just so young!  But I'm the oldest, which makes me more mature, which means that I was a much older fifteen year old than my sister who is currently that age.  My mother claims that I wasn't any more mature than her... but I'm not so sure about that.

After all, I was driving when I was fifteen!  Which quite frankly, when I look at my 15 year old sister, seems absolutely terrifying.  What the heck were my parents thinking when they put me in drivers ed?  Obviously I must have been a much older fifteen year old.  I was/am a good driver - so that's not the reason the rest of my sisters have waited until they were 18.  Clearly, they were younger at that age than I was.

Even wilder to think about... I was the same age as Ms. 15 year old when I first met my Knight on the Fairy Tale Novels forum. (Yep, two months before I turned 16 - so young!)  And then I was just a year older than my 18 year old sister when we started dating.  Seriously, that sister is no where near old enough to even think of dating anyone.  None of them are.  Not even the one who is turning 20 this weekend even though I'd been dating for a little over half a year by the time I turned 20.  I have a feeling that when any of my sisters gets a boyfriend, I'll be the one flipping out and yelling "NO KISSING!  YOU MAY SIT THREE FEET APART, YOU ARE ONLY TWENTY-TWO GOSH DARN IT AND THAT IS WAY TOO YOUNG!"  It's funny how time changes your perception of age.

Oddly enough though, when I look at my 13 year old brother I can nod and say "Okay, I was about that age when I was 13."  Not sure that means he is more mature, or I was immature, or I just don't remember that well.

It's a weird thing, watching your siblings grow up.  The time when you were their age feels like so long ago, and when they hit a milestone age it makes you feel... old.  It's interesting to look at them and look at where you were at that age.  Food for thought indeed.


  1. I'm laughing sarcastically about your post over here. :D ;) *giggles*

  2. Haha, this is hilarious and soooo true. Thinking of my little brothers going to college freaks me out. I anxiously check in with them whenever they're traveling anywhere alone. It scares me. I wonder if I scared my parents?

  3. Amen to that, sistah. And it's just as weird watching friends you grew up with start to get married and the littles you used to babysit run off to college...
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