June 8, 2014

Growing Up Brothers

My oldest youngest brother graduated from 8th grade this past Tuesday.  Guys, this means he's going to be in HIGH SCHOOL.  Bro T. is number 5 in the line up of kids, so I've had three sisters grow up and graduate from 8th grade and two from high school before him... but this one is the first one that's made me feel really old.

I guess it's because Bro T was the first baby that I was old enough to really help out with.  I was 8 when he was born, and I could help out with chores around the house, I think I may have even unwillingly assisted in changing a diaper or two.  He was the first one whose birth day I remember the most clearly (I went to mass that morning and announced from the back of church that I had a new baby brother).  Now he's growing up so fast.  His voice changed at the beginning of the year and this past week he caught up to me in height.

I'll admit, I haven't always enjoyed having him for a brother.  Especially not during the years when we hadn't realized eating anything with hydrogenated oils turned him into the Hulk and I frequently was on the receiving end of having glasses ripped off my face or things thrown at me.  But in the more recent years as his temper has mellowed out a bit, I've really grown to appreciate having a brother in the midst of all these sisters.  Boys are quite different from girls and hanging out with someone who isn't (always) as dramatic and moody as us girls is refreshing at times.

He's incredibly smart... he remembers the most random of obscure facts and details, so you can never be sure what kind of conversation will come up.  He's very analytically minded (to the point of extreme annoyance at times) but it's led to some interesting conversations while we try to figure out the origins behind whatever random figure of speech he decides to question that day.

 He's also insanely talented.  As in, talented to the point that it really isn't fair that one person can be good at so many things.  He's a natural at just about every spot he's tried so far, he can draw pretty well, write very creative stories, he has a knack for cooking (you should see the designs he's done with meatloaf - we've had a dragon head and a birthday present).  He can sing (though struggling a bit with his voice change) and a few weeks ago at my friend's graudation party when the younger set was swing dancing, I noticed him dancing and twirling his partner and doing jumps and I - a bit confused - asked him when he had learned how to swing dance.  His response? "Just today".  In one hour he picked up swing dancing and looked just as good as a few of the other boys who have been doing it for a year or so now.  Oh, and did I mention that hes going to turn into a handsome guy,  loves babies and is really good with small children?

Yes, I am bragging and no of course I'm not alerting all of you with younger sisters to pay attention in the future.  I'm just saying that whatever girl ends up with him down the road is going to be very lucky and have lots to brag about.

I love having him for a brother.  He's a really great brother, we get along really well and he's a lot of fun to hang out and goof around with.  It'll be interesting to watch him continue to grow up!


  1. This is so sweet... Congratulations to your brother! (And to all of you for having him! ;)
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  2. Oh my, how did I miss that picture???


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