June 5, 2014

My Life in a Nutshell

I had every intention of blogging more, really I did. Then suddenly the month of May flew by and now it is nearly the end of the first week of June already!  Life has been much busier than expected.. which isn't a bad thing outside of blogging, but has thus far hampered post writing to a great extent.

I got a new job!  A new job that I absolutely love working at an extended stay hotel as a guest service agent (GSA).  The people I work with are fantastic and awesome, and the guests are all absolutely lovely.  I wasn't planning on it being a full time job however.  It's a part time position, but while I am in training (about a month) I will be full time.  I'm loving the money this is making me, and training full time definitely makes learning a lot easier - however working second shift full time sure cuts into most of my productive time for the day.  By the time I get home (close to midnight) I'm often still wide awake, but don't really feel like doing anything other than catching up on Facebook, Pinterest and watching another episode of How I Met Your Mother.

On top of that, I am taking a six week online summer class, so technically when I'm not working I really should  be doing my homework.  I did just do an hour of studying, so I figured it was okay if I took a quick break before getting changed up for work to write a post.  You guys won't tell on me, right?

My internship with the medical association's meeting planning team is over, but I am still working my other part time job at the chiropractor... so yeah, between working there in the morning, studying for my class and working at the hotel in the evenings blogging has been pushed to the wayside.  I do have posts that have been formulating in my brain, however - so hopefully you'll see those soon!

In the meantime, cheerio!


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