June 23, 2014

Some Sweet Summer Stories

Because if I called it Some Sweet Summer Reading, the alliteration wouldn't be nearly as good.

It's summer time, and while I haven't had time for too many summertime activities - between two jobs and homework for an online summer class - I have made time to discover a few new books from the library.  

Book reviews and summaries of just about anything have always been a challenge for me to write.  I don't do well with summarizing, I can't make it sound interesting and any kind of ending sounds sooooo cliche and tacky.  So when I want to review a book, I try to come up with alternative and creative ways to do so.  Like my Twitterature reviews and the time I did an "interview" with the characters of the Fairy Tale Novels series.

Today... I feel a bit dramatic, so lets pretend I'm writing one of those super dramatic paragraph reviews that go on the back cover/inside flap*

*This has the potential to come out a little  over the top so a disclaimer: I absolutely loved both these books and you should totally read them.

Victoria's world is a lonely one.  She doesn't have a home, she doesn't have a family, she has no idea who her parents are or where she was born.  But she does have flowers.  Flower are a link to the brief time when she wasn't alone and had a hope of finding her place in the world.  The language of flowers is the one thing that she knows and the one thing she is good at. They are a reminder of the greatest betrayal of her young life and of the closeness with other people she might never have. It is through flowers that Victoria is able to find herself, her way in life and her path to hope and forgiveness.

What would you do if one day, your Life sent you a letter?  What would you do if your Life could send you a letter?  If it wanted to meet with you?  If it was absolutely imperative that it meet with you?  If you are Lucy Silchester, than you throw the letter away and ignore all the other letters that follow.  Until you can't ignore them any more.  Lucy Silchester's life has crumbled and sunk into pathetic apathy, and she knows this.  She also kind of likes it.  Her Life, however, has other opinions and against Lucy's will she is forced to reevaluate her decisions and confront the safety net of lies and stories she has built around herself.  If she doesn't, then her Life sure as heck will.

How about you?  Any good summer reading that you've picked up?  Please feel free to share in the comments!

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