September 2, 2008

Modesty at Mass

I now present to you this past Sunday's note from our pastor. It was very good! I feel it was no coincidence that this appeared on Labor Day weekend.

My Dear People,

Recently, I came across a striking news item. Dateline: MEXICO CITY: "A priest's condemnation of miniskirts on an official church website is causing outrage among some Mexican women, who say the Roman Catholic Church is making it easier to justify sexual violence against women."

"When we show our body without prudence, without modesty, we are prostituting ourselves," wrote Rev. Sergio Roman, head of a church family values forum next year in Mexico City.

Women dressed in miniskirts and low-cut shirts have rallied at Mexico City's cathedral carrying signs that read: "Clothed and naked, I am the same".

Father Roman is addressing a very real concern among the Catholic clergy. Many of us can remember when people came to Mass in their Sunday finest. We wore "dress" clothing to show our respect and reverence for what we were doing. My mother taught us to shine our shoes on Saturday night in preparation for Sunday Mass.

This value is being lost in our day. Some take the attitude that "You are lucky I am here so don't criticize my attire." That really is not the point. We are always pleased to have you here but the importance of the gathering is usually expressed in how we dress. If it is of similar importance as going to a Mall, then where what you would usually wear to a Mall. If you see this gathering as important and sacred, you will dress to reflect that attitude.

Recently, this problem has taken another step in the wrong direction. Instead of just being comfortable in daily clothing, we now see a "very sexualized" way of dressing. Showing tattos on the lower back and displaying navels, as well as our favorite team on derrieres is distracting.

If the Pope visited our beautiful church, we would "dress up". In this way we express how important the gathering is to us. We would be there well before the beginning of the celebration. We would certainly wait for the Pope to leave the Church first. We have much greater than the Pope here when we break bread together.


  1. You look older than 16, too?? People sometimes tell me that I look older than 16 and sometimes they tell me that I look younger. So, I'm not exactly sure what I look like. :D
    I'm also kind of tall for my age. How tall are you?

  2. Okay i get what he's getting at. I tend to see more legs than id really like to at mass. For sunday morning mass i am always in a dress or nice dress pants. Sunday night im in capris, jean or a dress but i have youth group right afterwards. I still look nicer than normal just not amazing. Daily Mass i try to avoid shorts but tend to wear whatever I happen to be wearing(which is modest)

  3. My church just keeps it cold during Mass. I wonder if this is to ensure that everyone is probably dressed.


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